Les Marguerite(s) with Louise Lecavalier

At Les Marguerite(s), when confronted by statements about the luck and privilege I have had to study contemporary dance, an education that was often tumultuous, my reaction varies. When you choose to dedicate yourself to anything, especially when it involves both mind and body, you need to constantly remind yourself why. You need to have your own back. And it’s easy to doubt yourself.

Pursuing any creative endeavor is never simple, especially post-graduation. Lack of job opportunities, lack of money, lack of routine. It’s a lot of lack. But sometimes I get lucky and am handed these little gifts that tap me on the shoulder and remind me why it’s worth it.

I received one of these gifts in the form of a ticket to Les Marguerite(s), a multidisciplinary show performed at Théâtre ESPACE GO, written by Stéphanie Jasmin and directed by Jasmin and Denis Marleau. The show is presented in three parts and is based on writer Marguerite Porete, who was burned at the stake in 1310 for heresy. My anticipation for the show lay in the first act, danced by Louise Lecavalier

To discuss Montreal’s contemporary dance scene and omit Lecavalier is like saying the cake is done but forgetting to ice half of it.

Her performance in Les Marguerite(s) is silently captivating, the kind of scene where you’re hesitant to cough or breathe too loudly in fear of disturbing her presence. Her body narrates Porete’s story with signs of humanity and grief. She effectively set the tone for the next two parts, played passionately by Celine Bonnier (alternating with Evelyne Rompre) and Sophie Desormais.

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Les Marguerite(s) plays at the newly renovated Théâtre ESPACE GO until March 17th. Get your tickets here.

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