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#LeChop | Tastiest hashtag in Montreal!

#LeChop | Tastiest hashtag in Montreal!

Montreal is known for it’s favorable restos per capita ratio so it’s no wonder we have a plethora of food festivals to showcase all our restaurants every year. We were cordially invited by our favorite PR agency Tracey Brooke to DECCA77 (#LeChop concept) for a lavish ‘on the house’ meal and took our adorable new staff members Sophie and Iqbal.

We were greeted with a white wine from Maine (US of A) filled with minerals and memories of cool seaside air. The appetizers were equally delightful: a salmon tartar and succulent and somewhat Korean tasting braised beef.

We were then escorted to our table in company of other #LeChop media peeps and sat at possibly the coziest table on the planet! The chairs are high backed and super cushioned with soft faux suede and we were next to a big heater that was pulsing a warm breeze to counteract the chilly winter windows.

I chose the beef marrow with lobster and it was decent – not as impressive as it sounds but I was happy to try something new. My main course made up for it though. A medium rare magret de canard with caramelized gingered fruits and a rich reduction of glaze. We had a wine paring, a robust red wine that was oaky and smokey and very Cabernet. I did not check the label but it tasted French or Italian.  The desserts were small and rich. Where they lacked in refined patisserie they made up for in presentation.

We were given a gift certificate for 2 each to try out more #LeChop restos from this mini February festival! The restos are all owned by the same guys and here they are in case you wish to try out a very reasonable table d’hôte, follow this link: LE CHOP FACEBOOK! Give them a like to find out what’s going on or fwd to a foodie friend :)

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