With summer in full swing there’s a lot going on, so we’ve narrowed it down to help you find the best in free entertainment and adventure for this weekend. Whether it’s nature, crafts or even some dancing, we’ve got a little bit of everything for Free Things To Do In Montreal starting today!


Etsy MTL (May 12-13)

Venez découvrir @ateliergymnase fière commanditaire de notre marché créatif EtsyMTL Marché Créatif : Fait à Montréal. Printemps 2018 au Technopole Angus le 12-13 mai prochain. L’atelier Gymnase est un jeune collectif qui est avant tout un lieu de création où les artistes peuvent créer, imprimer et rencontrer des artistes avec qui partager et vivre des expériences autour de leurs passions partagées. Ils offrent aussi des formations et des services d’impression en sérigraphie tout en étant une galerie d’exposition qui offre de la visibilité aux artistes émergents. Ils offrent un lieu d’impression où les travailleurs autonomes peuvent avoir une carte de membre mensuelle ou hebdomadaire pour venir imprimer leurs contrats et intégrer les jeunes artistes qui veulent apprendre un nouveau médium par des formations ou des forfaits journaliers. Ce marché est présenté par le Collectif Créatif Etsy Montréal en partenariat avec Etsy et le Technopôle Angus. Pour consulter la liste de participants, visitez ce lien: bit.ly/ListeCreateursPrintemps2018 #etsymtl #etsy #etsyca #mtlmoments#madeinmontreal #faitauquebec #madeincanada #montrealer #mtlblogger #RosePatrie #Hochelaga #MileEnd #Screenprinting #Serigraphie

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Ever wish the crafting beauty of Etsy could happen in real life, well your prayers have been answered. Technopole Angus (2600 William Tremblay) is going to be home to over 100 local craft shopkeepers displaying their wares at this massive market. Anything and everything from art, toys, clothing, housewares, and even food will be at this massive collection of vendors. Admission is free but this is a market so the products are not.


Whisky & Grooves (May 12)

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Dancing and the right drink can be a powerful potable pairing. This Saturday night at The Black Watch Officers’ Mess (2067 Bleury) you can come down for free dancing to their one of a kind mix of records. Though their range of scotches will cost you, the dancing is all free so get in as the party kicks off at 9 for a party that will just keep getting bigger.


Block Party (May 12)

Dive in to the birth of hip-hop at Block party as performers take you through the origins of how rap, DJ, graffiti and dance cultures intersected to form a genre. Performers like Mo’Cashmo, Ebnfloh, Dramatik and others are putting on just as much of a show as a class to enlighten fans to the background of one of the most popular sounds of our time. Check it out at the Georges-Émile-Lapalme Cultural Space at Place Des Arts.


Festival Accès Asie (All Weekend) 

La deuxième semaine de nos événements commence demain! Au programme: INDIVISIBLE: le 10 mai 20h30 , 11 et 12 mai 20h et le 13 mai 14h au @montrealartsinterculturels EAU DOUCE – EAU TROUBLE: le 11 mai 20h au @gesumontreal – en collaboration avec le @groupelevivier INTERVALLES: le 12 mai 14h et 15h à @oboro4001 STRINGS OF ROMANCE: le 12 mai 19h30 à la Salle Bourgie du @mbamtl – en collaboration avec le @kabircentre ARTS CULINAIRE: le 13 mai 14h à @fenetresurkaboul (COMPLET) • The second week of the festival is starting tomorrow! INDIVISIBLE: May 10th at 8:30pm, May 11th & 12th at 8pm and May 13th at 2pm at MAI EAU DOUCE – EAU TROUBLE: May 11th at 8pm at Gesù – in collaboration with Groupe Le Vivier INTERVAL: May 12th at 2pm & 3pm at OBORO STRINGS OF ROMANCE: May 12th at 7:30pm at Bourgie Hall of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts – in collaboration with Kabir Center CULINARY ARTS: May 13th at 2pm at Fenêtre sur Kaboul (FULL) | | | | #festivalaccesasie #festival #montreal #mtl #mtlmoments #mtlfood #mtllife #mtlshow #mtlart #diversity #23eedition #multidisciplinary #music #dance #newmedia #food #afghanfood #conference #may #mai2018 #animation #activities #fun #culture #asie

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The 2018 edition of Montreal’s biggest Asian culture showcase features a wealth of shows, many of which require no wealth at all. Dozens of talks, exhibits, films, music and dance shows are available throughout May, but make sure to check their website to know what is free of charge and what isn’t! With so much happening you’ll be hard-pressed to only take in the food.


24 Hours of Science (May 11-12)

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For only 24 hours this weekend, museums across the city are offering free exhibits for everyone to learn something new. From science to science fiction, the reality of magic shows, flying cars, tech showcases, animals, biology and more, there’s more than you’ll probably even have time for. So whether you want to learn something new or get your kid interested in science, it’s a no-brainer.