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Le Weekend Guide | Montreal’s Top 5 Free (May 18-20)

Le Weekend Guide | Montreal’s Top 5 Free (May 18-20)

More Free Montreal Events!

More sun means more events, and it’s getting harder and harder to figure out what to check out. Luckily, we’ve dug through this weeks best events to find good ways to spend time instead of money, and keep you entertained all weekend long.

We’re mixing nature, music and crafts this week for our latest mix of Free Things To Do In Montreal!

Vue Sur La Relève (May 18-19)

Vue Sur La Relève has returned to Montreal yet again, and it’s coming to a close this weekend after a few weeks of great programming. The festival mixes theatre and musical performances, many of which are free throughout its run.

There are also focuses on the production side of things ranging from sets to costumes. Some events are even offering free wine as well! You can catch all their events at Monument-National and  Le Ministère, and check out the full range of events here.

NDG Porchfest (19-20)

After its start in Ithica, NY, Montreal’s Notre-Dame-de-Grâce has made Porchfest a celebration of their own. Stoops across the neighborhood will be filled with amazing music throughout the weekend, and they’ve even got a full schedule! You don’t even have to know what you’re looking for with stages so close together. And just in case the weather turns rotten, they will be expanding shows to Monday—even if events get rained out.

Pouzzafest (May 18-20)

If you need something a little more gritty for your music fix this weekend, Pouzza Fest will more than satiate your hunger. Though the punk festival does center around many paid shows, there are plenty of free concerts to take in at their outdoor venues. If you need to catch bands to get you riled up for some of the weekends headliners without breaking the bank to do it, Pouzza Fest has a whole schedule of options. You might just find your next favourite band.

Marché de Fleurs d’Hochelaga (May 19-21)

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With the colour returning to our lives with the heat, why not make your life more vibrant with some amazing flowers. Down at Place Simon-Valois the first edition of the Hochelaga Flower Market will be featuring a huge range of petaled beauties to choose from. Along with a range of houseplants and other vegetables, there will also be workshops to help you customize your floral creations. Don’t forget to check out the butterfly display!

Pin Patch MTL (May 19)

If you need perfect jacket and outfit to stand out at Pouzza Fest or just in your day-to-day life, Pin Patch MTL‘s spring event will be perfect for you. La Gare will be hosting all kinds of vendors selling jackets and the best patches and pins made from amazing artists. There are so many amazing creators hosting, so check out the full list and a sneak preview of what’s available here. Early birds will also get free swag bags full of wares. There will even be a contest to win a free jean jacket covered in products from the artists.


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