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Le Weekend Guide | Montreal’s Top 5 Free (July 19 – 22)

Le Weekend Guide | Montreal’s Top 5 Free (July 19 – 22)

Your Latest Weekend in Montreal Of Free Events!

We’re already smiling at this weekend’s selection of eclectic happenings. There truly are events for every taste blooming across the city, and no better day than today to partake in the fun! Enjoy this week’s ride, from a Japanese culture trip to free blues dancing class to avant-garde audiovisual art.

Yatai MTL 2018 – TEKE::TEKE night (July 21)

This event comes right at the heels of the recent flurry of festive cultural celebrations mentioned in Le Weekend Guide. Yatai MTL takes place until Sunday, bringing about a remarkable diversity of experiences, from indulging in street food and markets to watching cosplay battles to joining matcha or saké workshops, karaoke or a Naruto run – we highly recommend checking out the full program here!

Right up on our radar is the TEKE::TEKE performance night, with the band fresh off their Jazz Fest run. Appealingly described as a “Nippon-Montreal psych-rock septet”, they will coast between 60s-70s Eleki music and traditional Japanese tunes. Unique and horizon-expanding.

Ghost Instruments / La Ville Mécanique (Until September 1st)

This audiovisual piece of about 13min kicked off earlier this month, in the realms of the one and only Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT).

Ghost Instruments is a thought-provoking work visually exploring disfunctionality of hedonistic functions – such as the struggles with motivation or experiencing pleasure. It is conceptualized by Francis Théberge, VJ from the visual arts collective TIND :: thisisnotdesign.

Through traditional and experimental techniques, his work  surveys dynamics of flawed videography, glitches occurring due to compression and juxtaposition of audio and visual rhythms. Showing from Tuesdays to Saturdays until September, you’ll have ample time to immerse yourself in this piece!

Urbanist 6 à 8 – Relève en Urbanisme & Le Virage Campus MIL (July 19)

An engaging event for members of the local urbanism community, or simply those interested in a stimulating early evening drink in good company. Partake in casual conversations about anything, everything, and the dynamics of urban planning and geography. The organizers come from two great local groups, Relève en Urbanisme, which facilitates thought-sharing and creating platforms of exchange about urbanist solutions among professionals, and Le Virage Campus MIL, which aims to bolster progress by providing meeting spaces and events for like-minded innovators.

Photographs illustrating the aspirations and preoccupations of young urbanist professionals will be exhibited, with one of the lucky shots graduating onto the cover of Urbanité magazine’s next special edition; this special evening will be wrapped up with the flow of local rapper Marie Gold.

See Also

Growth EP Launch at Maison 2109 (July 20)

Ever so skilled in showcasing gems of the local urban underground scene, Maison 2109 does it again by hosting Léonie Gray‘s Growth EP launch, preceded by a discussion panel about self growth.

The up and coming Léonie Gray has a spellbinding voice, one that grooves over jazzy pop-folk arrangements and sweeps you on board. Panelists, speaking from 5 to 6, will include entrepreneurs Eva Rostain from Travel.i.c.e Agency, Laurence Doucette Rouleau from Les Impertinentes and Akim Acacia from La Terrasse Blanche. Check out the event here!

Monday Blues Free Dancing Classes (July 23)

Okay…we know this one doesn’t fall on the actual weekend, but we care about your well-being every day of the week!

No better way to recover after an active weekend than to prolong the fun through free dancing classes generously offered every Monday by Pub L’Île Noire, Swing ConneXion and Cat’s Corner. At 8pm, join the introductory class to blues dancing, followed by a set by Swing ConneXion’s blues DJs and a night of great smiles and even better music and dance moves to get lost in.

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