Strong vocals, dramatic crescendos, heavy percussion and a smooth soulful essence are all elements to be found in singer-songwriter Laura Welsh. Born in Staffordshire, England, this London based girl is no stranger to transformation–having performed music under “Laura and the Tears” as well as “Hey Laura”– Welsh sees self-discovery on the freshly released debut LP “Soft Control.”

The album itself is a solid ride through Welsh’s world of electro-soul melodramatics. Brooding lyrics are made oh so appealing with her understated vocal performance, and rounds out a sound produced and co-written by some notable names like Dev Hynes, John Legend–who also features on the record–, and Emily Haynie. “Soft Control” brings together a variety of musical influence that remains current and pays homage to past generations of the R&B/Soul songstress.

While Laura has no problem delivering some breathtaking vocals, and has clearly demonstrated her ability to adapt to the needs of collaborative artistry, at times the understated vocals can be somewhat forgettable. She flourishes most when pushed to limits. Whether on the softer, more restrained side of a ballad or pushing her voice with a raw angst-like strength, Welsh shines with true individuality.

Though, however capable she may be vocally, it could still be easy for her to get lost behind some of the more well known artists of similar style. Still with one spin of this record it is clear that she has made her mark. Maybe some more time before she really finds her voice, but “Soft Control” is the perfect example of pure talent coming into its own. Not particularly groundbreaking but it sure is one hell of a dent.

“Soft Control” was officly released in North America on March 12th. Be sure to give it a go, and get lost inside her dreamy synth-soul sound! Also, pop over to her YouTube page and check out some of the rad video clips she’s done for the record.