Your Latest Weekend Of Free Montreal Events!

We’ve found the best things to do in the city that are free to give you options in the summer weather! If you want to hit a show or just kick back, there’s plenty to do this weekend.

Village Au Pied-du-Courant (June 1-3)

Tout est dans les détails 👀

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For the past few years La Pépinière | Espace Collectifs have built a new creative space down near the Jacques Cartier Bridge to inspire people and let them enjoy the sun. Their boardwalk features plenty of food and drink, as well as tons of performers to catch down by the water. There’s plenty of art around the space to catch the eyes and most of the entertainment is free along with the space itself.


Latin-Fest Culturel et Gastronomique de Montreal (June 2)

If you love taking in a community party and love learning about other cultures, Casa CAFI and ACVQ have a festival for you. The Elgar Community Centre is hosting it’s first Latin-Fest, filled with amazing edible goods, music, art and some inflatable entertainment for children (and perhaps the young at heart). So brush up on some Spanish and take in some truly unique experiences from noon-8 p.m. this weekend.


Sharing Dancing Day (June 2)

If you love dancing but always feel silly doing so on your own, Canada’s National Ballet School is returning with their Sharing Dancing Day! At Place Émilie-Gamelin you’ll be able to join students and teachers in various dances. While free events are happening nation-wide you can take in free classes, activities, and performances by the group as well.  Things start at 4 so get your dancing shoes on and hustle down.



For those already a little more in tune with their inner rhythms and ready to go, Tropitronic/Tonight We Dance! will get you moving this weekend!  The DJ powerhouses of Soundshaper, Tupi Collective and DJ Oonga will have people bouncing to African and Latin American music from 5 p.m. to 11! Hilariously enough, this dancing event is also at the convenient Place Émilie-Gamelin so you’ll be hard pressed to forget where to get down this weekend.

Brunch Rétro (June 2)

If you decide to stay  the night or can’t pull yourself away from the venue, Place Émilie-Gamelin  will also be hosting a musical brunch this weekend.  So if you wanted to eat breakfast outside while taking in amazing music, this is the place to be.  DJ Mathieu Beauséjour will be bringing his British Invasion blend down whether you want to eat or dance, so get ready for a musical morning.