From May 31st until the end of October get ready to spin, twist and fly! The man made island La Ronde on Ile Sainte-Helene turns 51 years old and does not look it. Lucky for her! With more than 40 rides that have made regular appearances each year, it is a place to have a good time with family and friends.

This year, La Ronde welcomes you with a NEW family favourite ride, Le Tourbillon, a spinning and rising platform which will have you waltzing and laughing. Right across from it is the infamous Monstre, a famed wooden roller coaster made of 1,200 meters of wooden rails for the thrill seeker in you!

To switch up the pace you may want to jump in the Bobsleigh, a four seater cart, inspired by the Olympic bobsleigh, each identified by countries. Sharp turns and instant speed drives you high above the scenery with a feeling of racing or being ejected… NOT! Try the Vampire with plenty of G-force before having your pizza slice.  

My friends & I recently embarked on the Ednör, la Ronde’s terrifying local hero which will propel you literally upside down! The gigantic suspended looping roller coaster near the lake seems to be a tribute to this deep water monster. From start to finish the passenger is virtually disorientated, especially when the ride goes through double helix similar to the DNA symbol before making the last set of somersaults that resembles the tail of a snake!

The Far West Village, including its famous Pitoune, always reminded me of Lady Di with young William and Harry screaming their heads off while getting water-sprayed, and is a thing of the past alright. But the inevitable Bumping Cars have stood the test of time and are still a mini-therapy to let your revenge out. As always, food and drinks can be found at many points of sale.

L’Internationale des Feux Loto-Quebec competition also promises to put the sparks in your evenings for its 34th edition. World-renowned companies representing their respective countries participate in this fireworks competition, reknown as one of the most prestigious in the world. Check the program here. It kicks off Saturday, July 7th with a tribute to ABBA to relive the 70s disco pop era!

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