Breaking down industry standards of how music is made, released, and experienced by the world. Following last years Röyksopp collaboration & for the 2nd consecutive summer the dancefloor has been graced by famaliar face & mini-album sure to get you moving.

Collectively created from 3 well versed minds in different areas of the dance genre, La Bagatelle Magique has just dropped their debut EP – Love is Free.

Though this release is their first as a group, La Bagatelle Magique are no strangers to the industry. Made up of 90’s hit maker & dance-floor-slayer Robyn, her long-time keyboardist Markus Jägerstedt & frequent collaborater – the late Christian Falk – who passed last year following his battle with pancreatic cancer. These 3 artists have banned together & created a solid, retro and uplifting piece of work.

In her 20 years, Robyn has proved to be one of the quintessential voices in pop music. Having been on the scene for 20 years, turning out forward thinking pop, dance, & hip-hop. Robyn continues to ask a very intersting question…

Why do we continue to tie music to physical media when it’s all online now? If we’re using the internet to make, buy and listen to music, why would the length of a compostion be dictacted by the physical restraints of music production from past generations?

A point that makes complete sense for today’s generation of music lovers.

What Love is Free does so well is hone in on the art of finally letting go. La Bagatelle Magique is bringing to you something familiar. With production notes reminiscent of that 90’s house sound paired with aggresively exucted & uplifting vocals about the physical & mental boundaries of love, life & letting go of such things.


Speaking on the loss of band member Christian Falk, Robyn had some choice words to say…

This isn’t his memorial record, it’s a record we had a lot of fun making. And he was very much alive, in love with his life, and he wanted to make more music.

I want to dare to let go. You can’t be afraid. Or you can be afraid, but you can’t be afraid of being afraid. When Christian found himself in one of the hardest situations imaginable, I think that became even more relevant. Not on a conscious level, but more like an energy I was forced to embrace and create something out of. You cannot control life.

The personal events experienced by the group while producing Love is Free translate in a not so obvious, but very introspective manner. A solid 20-minute run that will uplift your mind & is near impossible not to dance to. A sheer pleasure listening to & one of my top picks for the year so far!

Get into it, & let is Set you Free!