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La Bacchanale X Jeff Mills | Discovery One

La Bacchanale X Jeff Mills | Discovery One

I’m looking at my Jan calendar of events and La Bacchanale is written in a large, bold font. I’m clearly going! Having been on the party circuit almost as long as Jeff Mills lol I’d say I’ve earned my stripes & mastered the art of picking ones battles – especially during the cold winter months brrr

The rave days of the 90s have had a significant influence on modern-day culture, primarily through its influence in the way we see parties as a culture and the music that’s come from the movement. La Bacchanale adds a refreshing philosophical approach for us to consider: REFLECT on the relationship we have with TIME and the point of our EXISTENCE at DISCOVERY ONE, an astral spaceship journey and electric exit.

The legendary producer Jeff Mills, known for his lunar and futuristic techno has been here on 3 occasions in the past 20 years and will be taking command of the Bacchanale spacecraft for 3 hours, transporting us to a parallel galaxy. A symbol of time, he will regroup the past and present together to create a single whole.

To remember this day, a mystical and symbolic feature aka Monolith will be displayed depicting timelessness and human knowledge. It’s there to trace our activity and allow us to move up to the next evolution stage and further establish Montreal’s techno scene, this time courtesy of Bacchanale.

The location is at 4700 St Ambroise where 2 rooms have been set up; The main one will bring you inside the time tunnel, the second, chill and relax in the presence of the mystical Monolith. Your lineup for the 10pm-6am journey:

w/ Rodhad (LIVE) :
w/ Robert Hood (LIVE) :
w/ Zadig (LIVE) :

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…and Jeff Mills (DJ SET). Check out “The Bells” in broad daylight!



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