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Kyozon experience | Colour coded dishes & more

Kyozon experience | Colour coded dishes & more

To start I like the name #Kyozon. It’s short, sweet and authentic sounding. What originally appeared to be a soft Asian bar and kitchen launch turned into a highly anticipated, vibrant opening at an affordable price… yes, over 250+ guests were generously treated to indulge in their food & drink menu.

Most Montreal restaurants have a single concept, which generally works if you’re looking to attract a specific clientele. In the case of Kyozon you get a multidimensional bar and kitchen experience. Its specialties include New-Asian tapas, street food and sushi that spotlight local and Asian-grown ingredients. The bar is managed by award winning Lawrence Picard of Nectar Mixology who offers a variety of Asian-inspired cocktails and drinks: Japanese whiskies, Asian beers and a selection of imported sakes. Circulating throughout the mezzanine, the Kaiten belt is the vehicle for fresh dishes served on colour-coded plates ranging from $2 to $7.

The various areas and different styles of dining co-exist harmoniously, creating a vibrant social space with many options to drink, party, lounge, tweet and more in one venue. The Asian style setting is reminiscent of a busy street where all ages and origins co-exist in the same space.

For those of you wondering what’s the hype around the Kaiten Belt well it’s a conveyor belt for sushi invented by Yoshiaki Shiraishi (1914–2001), who had problems staffing his small sushi restaurant and had difficulties managing the restaurant by himself. He got the idea of a conveyor belt sushi after watching beer bottles on a conveyor belt in an Asahi brewery. The concept has boomed since the 90s when inexpensive restaurants became popular after the burst of the economic bubble.

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The day-to-night bar and kitchen is situated at 1458 Crescent Street, between de Maisonneuve and Sainte-Catherine and is open seven days a week from Sunday to Wednesday 11:30am – 1am and Thursday to Saturday from 11:30am – 3am. Lunch specials from $15 will be available from 11:30am to 2:30pm and the all you can eat Kaiten at $17 will be available from 2:30pm to 5:30pm, as well as daily bar
specials from 5pm to 8pm. For reservations, please call +1 514 439 8383.

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