Mural Festival 2017 brought out some wicked streetwear from local brands, as well as some hot contenders from around Canada. We spoke a bit with the guy behind the Kuwalla Tee brand and got the low-down on this local Best Kept Secret that you may not know much of.

They’ve got joggers, fluorescent orange bomber jackets, and loads of camo – Kuwalla Tee is something just about all of us can wear. I’ve got to say, just about everything on the website seems very much inspired by military or from what I have seen, also the tour merchandise from Kanye West’s life of Pablo tour.

Sleek, cool, and slightly understated….

Kuwalla Tee brings us a lot of basics and essentials that can make a lackluster wardrobe come together being more cohesive and really pop.

Personally, I’m quite partial to the lighter tones of the acid washed denim and pale peach colored pull over hoodies… but just about everything this brand showcases should probably be in my closet already. The distressed denim and oversized thick knit cotton tees are major standouts to me.

They seem to represent the brand in the sense that it’s something new and different, and who doesn’t enjoy a new piece in their wardrobe that they’ve never had before?

Being environmentally friendly is another stellar thing that Kuwalla Tee brings to the table

Kuwalla Tee

The koala bear on embroidered on all of their garments comes from their love for mother nature. With their convenient 3-pack cotton t-shirts, the bags they come in are even made from the scraps from the production of the shirts themselves! How neat is that?

I don’t know about everyone else, but the convenience of getting quality garments made from good sustainable materials is a major bonus when they come at an affordable price – what’s not to love about that

Kuwalla Tee has seen a lot of success across the country, but in fact, this brand is Montreal-based.

It’s always fun and cool to discover a local brand to support. Here we have one that is ready to wear and has all your key essentials.  Whether it be basic tees (of high quality I might add) or camo joggers, to acid wash denim or shorts – there is something without a doubt could be added to any of our wardrobes.

With the use of cool peachy tones, dusty rose, or the classic black or white, it’s easy to see that Kuwalla Tee never failed to knock it out of the park.

I can’t wait to see what this modern brand puts out next.