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Kudlow | The Professional

Kudlow | The Professional

Amidst a handful of new songs released today the world is seeing tracks from big time names like Adele, Cee-Lo Green, Ellie Goulding & Gwen Stefani. Among all these big names in music dropping their new material, there is one very special duo who see’s their tracks hitting the digital market on this #NewMusicFriday. Still a favourite among the pack of wolves for me, Kudlow continues to blow me away with the beauty in their songs…even after months of listening.

1536584_1669781829904930_4007250936320233688_nBandMark wrote about Kudlow back in spring after stumbling upon their EDM centric track Only Human. Months later Kudlow has got The Professional/My Defense officially out for purchase/streaming.

On The Professional we see singer Michelle Parish expressing an emotional tale of that type of love you can’t quite seem to get a grip on. Though you try, The Professional is just too good at keeping a distance while boasting the attention needed to keep you wrapped around their finger. A story that is easy to relate to. The production given by Mathew Settle is timeless.

“baby you were a professional, like an assassin going for the kill, baby you were a professional, I blinked once and then I lost it all.”

The lyrics are hauntingly beautiful, made better only by the sultry vocal performance I have come to expect from Kudlow. As a bonus B-Side to the track, you also get the groups song My Defense

“I did it all for love, that’s my defense / i’ll repeat it ‘til my very end”

These 2 songs together tell a story in a very cohesive manner. The Professional & unattainable assassin of love that is justified through the defence of your own emotions. I’m unsure that this was the intention from Kudlow when writing. For me, this correlation could not be ignored.

Show Kudlow some love & get these tracks into your rotation(links below)! They will bring a seductive down-tempo heat to the colder months ahead. Follow the group’s social media accounts, & be sure to follow BandMark for more coverage on Kudlow & their new material coming out soon!

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Photo Credit : Olivia Watson

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