In T-10 days , I, K Rock, am going to be celebrating my final NYE in MTL. Yes, I am finally leaving you all to travel and work abroad. A dream in the making… and with everyone planning a new chapter for 2018, @Bestkeptmtl team has you covered to end your 2017 in style. If it was good, let’s fkn celebrate! Not so good? Well, let’s drink until we forget and prepare for a better year ahead.

Why #KRockHotSpots? If the party screams fire before it even happens, you best believe it is going to be on my to attend list. And we all know my list matters LOL

“Even though we have already hit you up with one of the hottest dance parties to be closing the year up, we all know K Rock loves to bring in the new year in serious style. A good swank fest, if you will.”

The wonderful thing about Montreal is there are parties for everyone: the festivities in the old port, restaurants galore with extravagant menus but listed below is the mother of all lists. That being said, here’s my final edition NYE Top 5 picks:

La Seconde Avant Minuit …

When I envision “La Seconde Avant Minuit”, a scenario comes to mind.

“Dark surroundings with glittering lights, my sequined dress reflecting off the chandelier; my body being brought in close, perhaps a little too close, my lips caressing that of another’s; the passion of a new year coursing through our veins; the what ifs of what this year may have to offer. …”

The annual Auberge St Gabriel party is always on the top when it comes to the sexiest parties of the year in Mtl. From the F1 to NYE, you know that the team at Auberge never disappoint.

“In collaboration with Belvedere Vodka and Veuve Clicquot, Nic Urli of U’NIC productions plans to orchestrate a soirée mixed with class, concept and sex appeal as well as bringing a team that consists of some of the most followed nightlife gurus in the city; all of whom will guarantee you a sultry evening filled with nothing but the unexpected.”

Using all 3 stories of the heritage, you will be immersed into an enchanted Eden of the unknown. Room for room,  you will taken out of this world and into a twilight zone of tantalizing foods, visual artistry and seductive energy. This evening screams @Sexypartyanimal; a little sexy, a lot of party, and too much animal to handle. I guess we won’t know until we get there, now will we? See you all before La Seconde Avant Minuit.

Costs: Full experience(Dinner + party): 165 + tax/tip Party experience: 40 + tax/tip


Le Clef D’or NYE 2018
It is always a toss up for me between Auberge and Soubois because I know they will be equally hype as the other. At this point it all depends on what you are going for. Soubois brings you a classic vision for NYE; balancing their night between class, sass and seriously badass!

Presented by Veuve Clicquot, the evening starts off with a welcome glass of the acclaimed bubbly followed by an Italian inspired self serve Dinatoire with a refined, succulent raw bar; Canapés such as Tataki and Lamb, to name a few, and a decadent Toscane table consisting of all the luxury Italian delicacies you can think of.

Soubois is already known for bringing us down the rabbit hole time and time again, and we all know the feeling of losing our inhibitions the moment we enter into the magical Forest that is Soubois; Le Clef D’Or will be no exception. I’ve already gotten my golden key? Have you gotten yours? Only with the golden key can you unlock the door to the this exclusive NYE extravaganza. 

Costs: Full Experience(dinner + party): 110 + tax/tip   Party experience: 50$ flat


New Years Eve @ Bar George 

Here is an opportunity to get yourself the best of both worlds. If you are a woman Like myself that digs a classy ass environment with some serious techno and deep house to keep your mind on something other than the booze and the meaningless conversation that usually follows, than Bar George is your place. Hosted by a Karl Meche , Herby Moreau and a good friend of mine Fabio broccoli, you can expect a glamorous, mature crowd that could show the younglings of Montreal a thing or 2 on how to ‘getter’ done in this city. With the musical talents of the Montreal legend himself, Christian Provonost, you can expect a night filled with deep sexy rhythms, theatrical entertainment and a few surprises before the countdown. With Belvedere Vodka and Moet & Chandon as your sponsors and the beautiful bar George in the Mount Stephen as the venue, cocktails will start at 7 pm, dinner served at 9 pm (which is undoubtedly sold out) and the main event beginning at 10 pm. A little more exclusive and by invitation only. Tickets to the party, as of 10 pm are set @ 40$ if you can get your hands on some. 


Speakeasy NYE 2018 | Urban Science Brass Band

Most people would not expect this to be on my top 5 list. Most people, in all honesty, don’t even know that there is a little pin-up glamazon that exists inside of me. I was a grandmas girl for most of my life, and with that inevitably came a love for old Hollywood in general. I have been an avid Speakeasy electro swing attendee since 2014, and I tell you what, this party is on fire!

“Most people actually don’t even know this charming type of get together even exists in Montreal.”

If Swing is your thing, or if you’re just looking for something different then the typically overpriced 5 service restaurant experience/club scene, this party has seriously got you covered. In case you are unaware of what Speakeasy Electro Swing is, it is a group of three guys whom all share a love for swing electro and a knack for organizing amazing events. They have been doing so for about 7 years now, with a general idea: Burlesque dancers and singers, live brass bands, a swing dance class at every event, and all the swing electro you could possibly listen to. This NYE you get the likes of Lavender May and Urban Science Brass band. Themed attire is always recommended, so if you’ve got a little pinup hiding inside of you, or have always secretly wished to be as badass as Patrick Swayze back in the day, here is your chance. Early bird tickets start at 35$, and go up to 45$ at the door. 


Seasalt & Ceviche / Sunset for NYE

And last, but not least, I give you a personal fave and a great location if you cannot decide where to go, or want something a little more quaint. Take my word, it is still going to be one hell of a party, it just won’t be as big of an ordeal as the other 4.

It is a beautiful location with 2 different environments, Seasalt & Ceviche where the motto is Rose all day, and Sunset Lounge, where their motto changes as often as the Montreal weather. You never know whatcha gonna get but I am sure it will be extra saucy for NYE.

They are preparing a delicious 5-course menu consisting of oysters, ceviche, filet mignon and bubbly galore. If you are looking for a beautiful crowd, an Instagram worthy decor and the coziness of home, this will be perfect for you and your friends OR you and your loved one. Just like their venue, it can go both ways!! Cost for dinner + party is 115+tax/tip.