Soundtracks for the skittish and subterranean: Glaswegian dubstep pioneer Kode9 will unleash some inner demons at MUTEK Montreal’s Visions 3 presentation tonight, and he’ll be bringing all manner of rushing beats and minor-key synth stabs with him for a must-see artistic presentation Her Ghost, which reworks Chris Marker’s classic post-apocalyptic sci-fi short film La jetée.

The prolific producer and Hyperdub label founder Kode9, real name Steve Goodman, has long been known as an epicenter of the UK dubstep scene. Many have called him one of the genre’s chief architects. From his start as a club DJ, Kode9 has also studied sound academically at the University of Warwick, writing treatises on musical philosophy and on diverse aural topics, including the use of sound as a military weapon. This brainiac approach is reflected in his music, which is rife with technical experimentation and the Spaceape‘s densely poetic spoken-word lyrics.