POP MTL is off to a rocking start with zero signs of slowing down. A statement that can also be said of headlining band The Kills, who kicked the festival into high gear at Metropolis this past Wednesday night.

For over a decade and a half, The Kills have continued to mesmerize and beguile their staunch audience with their signature brand of gritty, electro-charged rock ‘n’ roll. The Kills have achieved a cult status quite easily and have the backing to fill up a venue such as Metropolis with total ease, despite having been away for about 5 years.

Between this years’ Ash & Ice and 2011’s Blood Pressures, The Kills had been on hiatus. Front woman Alison “VV” Mosshart journeyed to Nashville joining Jack White in The Dead Weather, while guitarist Jamie “Hotel”. Hence relearning how to play his instrument as a result of losing finger mobility due to having his hand crushed by a car door. Pair that up with a highly publicized separation from supermodel wife Kate Moss, the band had clearly hit some bumps in the road creating the inspiration to craft their current record.

Knowing all these hiccups and changes in the personal lives of The Kills members only made their performance in Montreal that much more incredible. To think that Hince had relearned these skills on the guitar is a remarkable feat for any musician. He played flawlessly, and if I had not known the tribulations of years prior I wouldn’t have guessed. The sensuality emitted from the chemistry between Mosshart and Hince is undeniable, taking a backseat only to the dynamics between the fans and Mosshart herself.

A stunning accomplishment on stage together after their 15 year run as a group. A favourite moment of mine was close to the end of their energetic and seemingly non-stop 1.5 hour set time when Alison Mosshart filled the venue with a smooth vocal performance by herself adorned with an acoustic guitar. This stood out to me as pure magic, as the contrast from the rest of the set list was so strong.

The Kills successfully reminded me, and the rest of the packed Metropolis scene that these two are here to stay, and in it for life with each other. They make magic on stage. Here’s to the years to come in The Kills on-going cult status.

Shout out to opening band LA Witch! I didn’t see their whole opening set, but what I had seen was a band with a solid approach to a vintage garage band, with a true riot girl sense of self. I look forward to becoming more aware of this group in years to come.

POP MTL will be going strong straight through Sunday, so stick with us kids’. BandMark has all the juicy tidbits and details coming for you!