Jessie Reyez is in the Spotlight

One of my favourite things about finding new artists you love is when that artist is responsible for introducing you to another newcomer. In this instance, my new-found love for Allan Rayman lead me to develop the utmost admiration for Toronto-based artist Jessie Reyez. Another note-worthy artist in the poppy genre is Mauve.

Having gained attention with her previously released single Figures, Jessie Reyez has kept the fire burning increasingly bright. With features on both of Allan Rayman’s records released within the last year. A slew of outstanding YouTube covers and a new single – Shutter Island, that boasts angst and rebellion. Reyez is on of the most unique artists to come out of Canada in a while.

Jessie Reyez

Jessie Reyez is a certified poet in her lyrics. Blending a beautiful raspy, sultry vocal performance with a spoken-word style of singing on tracks like Fuck It and the aforementioned Shutter Island. The smooth production and combination of Reyez’s vocals deliver a feel like that of Erykah Badu with an alternative grit.

The lyrics of Shutter Island scream out a relatable line to me. Each and every one of us can relate with what Jessie Reyez is putting down on these lyrics.

My Straight Jackets custom made though ( in fucking diamonds).

To me, this translates to a personal embrace of our own demons, insecurities and our own brand of crazy – which we all have in some shape or form.

Stream the debut EP Kiddo from Jessie Reyez now!


Another stand-out track to me has got to be Gatekeeper.

Here, Jessie Reyez delivers a viciously relevant commentary on sexual expectation for fame within the industry. With highly publicized cases of sexual abuse in the music industry, and within fame altogether – Gatekeeper strikes a cord in me. The production is heavy and dark, matching the lyrical content that is very telling and sobering.

Oh I’m the gatekeeper, spread your legs, open up
Wait ’til 5 years down the road and you’re failing
Keep fucking these regular dudes that are nameless
Don’t you know? Don’t you know?
That we are the gatekeepers, spread your legs, open up
You could be famous, girl, on your knees
Don’t you know what your place is?
Got gold on my dick, girl, don’t you wanna taste it?

Intelligently put with a vulnerable delivery – this track is probably my favourite on the EP.

Kiddo is executively produced by Tim Suby – also featured on track Blue Ribbon, and rounds up productions from Priest And The Beast, Will Idap and Jahaan Sweet.