At BestKeptMontreal, we run a tight schedule. In our busy jet-set life of shmoozing, sometimes boozing and basically doing business non stop between concerts and company launches-sometimes we need a reboot…

We’ve tried EVERY single Juicer in Montreal. There is a lot of competition because Montreal has 2 things Juicers need: low overhead and inexpensive bio produce like at the Bio PA. I can’t imagine how a juicer would make ends meet at WHOLE PAYCHECK WHOLE FOODS! After trying just about every different juice we finally decided to become a loyal drinker of JusPur and here are the 5 reasons why.

1.They give you a generous amount of the good stuff

And you can see it in the amount of pulp and residue is in the actual bottle. A good juicer has 1/2 a bottle full of the produce if held up to the light and the other half is water from the fruits themselves or filtered water.

2.They add filtered alkaline water, now that’s expert level juicing

We expect filtered water, but alkaline awesome why not. This just means that they believe that every ingredient is part of the magic of detoxing. It means they are serious and they invest in the whole product.

3.They produce flavors that are unique and medicinal 

With trendy curative ingredients like coconut water, curcuma, matcha and hemp this company makes elixirs that go beyond juicing. My mom had a cold and the Magic Healer ginger, lemon, cayenne shooter literally kicked out the virus the same day!

4.They add new drinks every season, to keep things interesting

Unlike some companies that replace their menu entirely, JusPur is smart enough to only change up a few new ones per season but keep the true and tested on the menu. You will never worry that the beet, ginger, lemon solid will vanish or one of the super green juices.

5. It is not much more expensive to juice it yourself! See the math below…

Below is an organic juice I made with Strawberries, oranges and lemon. In order to get 300ml of juice, I needed 1 pack of bio strawberries, 2 lemons and 3 oranges. It costed $5 compared to the $7 at Jus our (plus the time it took to go to the grocery store and juice it, clean the juicer..) I have a juicer, but unless there is a sale on the bio fruits and veggies I wish to juice, it is never worth doing it myself.