I recently discovered an icon – Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. The French fashion designer and nobleman (aka JC/DC) is one of the greatest emblematic and visionary creators of our time. What’s his story? Well it all began with his first project design where he turned his old school blanket into an austere jacket eventually worn by John Lennon. By the 1970s he conceived an advertising campaign blending sex and religious slogans scandalizing the Vatican. A decade later he would transform the Italian fashion brand Iceberg into a postmodern, pop-art fashion house selling hijacked Snoopy, Daffy Duck and Felix the Cat imagery to Britain’s football hooligans, affirming his position as the king of cartoon couture! By the 90s, he would convince the Pope and 5,000 priests to dress in what looked like hundreds of gay flags which also represents God’s promise of peace to Noah.

Now 63 years of age, the talented revealer has collaborated with renowned international artists Madonna, Kanye West, M.I.A for whom he has created several costumes. He was behind Beyonce’s and Lady Gaga’s wardrobe for the “Telephone” video. Bringing together the worlds of art and fashion, his taste for the all things out of the ordinary have earned him the title of «Roi du Détournement»  («King of Diversion») : waxed canvas, mops and Velpeau bandages, plaid, camouflage fabric and protective nylon, inflatable ponchos, painting and tribute dresses, oversized clothing aka “Gulliver” style and famous cartoons sweaters.

What does he truly believe makes good fashion? Concept. He believes you cannot make clothes or art or design without a concept. Fashion is a fantastic medium to tell stories, With fashion, and now art, he’s always had an obsession with merging things that don’t go together. As he once put it “Outrageous and monstrous is beautiful.”

JC/DC is involved in 3 events at this summer’s edition of Festival Mode & Design:


Tuesday, July 30 – 12:00 PM – Place Montréal Trust (Librairie Indigo)

A book signing session with Mr de Castelbajac’s for his book ”Des Anges dans la Ville” will give you the chance to meet and greet with the multi-talented author.


Wednesday, July 31 – 9:00 AM – 1 Place Ville Marie, North Hall

From July 31 to August 30, Place Ville Marie will welcome an exhibition of the greatest kind. The work of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, including original fashion sketches and unique pieces by the famous creator, will be exposed for all to admire.


Wednesday, July 31 – 9:00 PM – Montreal Eaton Center, Main Stage

An artistic performance created by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and Mr Nô, the juncture between man (drawings) and technology (électro music). 60 models will perform as 60 ghosts dressed in «Pop Tribal» inspired tunics.