I am a lyrics nerd. I will not listen to great music with bad lyrics. I was reading Shakespeare and William Faulkner at 5 years old and my mom got me a rhyming dictionary at 8 years old to start writing poetry. I also have what is called an audio-graphic memory. This helped me spend most of Grade 9 & 10 writing love letters in High school, yet pass all the exams. I have a huge archive of the things in my life that have come in through my ears. This has rendered me filled with useless facts and amazing amounts of lyrics since the 80s..

When I first heard Jackie’s song: Witchcraft I really enjoyed the line:  “What I do to you is witchcraft, it’s up to you to resist that”  her music is soulful, bluesy and straight from the heart. She is another reminder that Texas is such a music talent hub..  She has a cute raspy vocal range from sexy low whispers to high belts. It is important to note that though Jackie Venson is the singer and band, she has wonderful band mates that support this great effort:  Alàn Uribe (synth/bass), Gilbert Ayala (drums). She has an incredible archive of live single-take recordings which is why, a project we are working on (liveinyourcity.com) is so compatible for her. Take a look at her Youtube channel!

Jackie has also entered our music industry partner: Uprise.FM Music Opportunity: SHARE YOUR LIVE! Give her some love here: http://contest.liveinyourcity.com/en/gallery/shareartist/206 

Bio: It is legend that during a drunken back-alley brawl, Jackie Venson punched Pluto straight out of planetary existence. Sure to please persons who enjoy a good groove, Jackie is a multi-instrumentalist with an out of this world voice. With fourteen years of piano-smashing skills in addition to 6 years of vocally seducing angels, seven years of inspired songwriting, and two years of non-stop guitar shredding. (it is scientific fact that she can sleep and rock at the same time)

Though she doesn’t like to brag, Jackie spent her college years at Berklee College of Music where she received her major in composition and studio production (with a minor in ass-kicking). To hear Jackie make hardened warriors cry with her glorious voice, you can check out her online mp3s or come help her paint the town red at her live shows in Austin, TX.