Well it is finally that time of year again here in Montreal. We patiently waited for what seemed like an eternity, but spring has most definitely sprung. The sun has been making quite the welcoming appearance and people are remembering what it is like to walk again without fighting the cold bite of winter. It has been a devastatingly long one here for our bustling city; it slows us down and shuts us up into the confinements of our personal dwelling spaces. Sure, we pathetically attempt a launch party or gala, high heels and all, thinking that our panty hose are strong enough to fight against the strongest of weather conditions. And sure, if you are of the Canadian breed than something as simple as nylon has more significance in our lives than you can ever imagine.

But we can officially bask in the glory that winter is over. And we all know what that entails for the city of Montreal; Festival season!!! We are known across the world for the amount of festivals held per capita, especially in the small period of time in which we have Spring/Summer/Fall.  I group that into one season, because let’s be for real, it’s close enough to exactly that.

One festival specifically is starting off next week: L’Invasion du Cocktail. I gave it all the rants and raves last year at its 1st edition in case anyone remembers. If you know me at all, then you know that I like my drink. To a point, I consider myself a drink connoisseur. If you don’t know me, well, now you know…

So when I heard that the made with love creator, Pierre-Olivier Trempe was partnering with Maryline Demandre to create a whole new thing based around their own passion for spirits and the cocktail culture, I was very excited to see what we had in store. Going on its second edition, L’Invasion du Cocktail has gotten amazing reviews from participants and owners alike. It is a great excuse for the people of Montreal to interact at their locals, try new places, and expand their horizons when it comes to the cocktail culture. I myself am very peculiar with my drink, it being a Disaronno and diet coke by choice. I love a bartenders expression when they hear it, I can see that it sparks a sense of intrigue.

So, how does it work?  You start by purchasing your passport. This is your entry in to all participating locations across the city from May 05th to May 11th for free.  That includes the signature cocktails at a mere 5$ with this passport. To name some personal favorites, locations include: Rosewood, La Champagnerie, Le Lab, comptoir á cocktails, Huis Clos, SpiritHouse, 132 Bar vintage, Le Richmond, Le Jockey, Le Mal Necessaire, and Mme Lee. You can purchase it online as well as participating locations for only 20$ while supplies last. HERE is a direct link for your purchasing needs. To me this is WELL worth the price figuring the average Montrealer for sure goes out at least 3 times a week and spends on average 30$ a night on alcohol. And don’t expect the typical “is there any alcohol in these drinks?” type of drink, these are specially designed concoctions from talented mixologists, you can guarantee that these bad boys are going to hit you hard.

There is a map to follow daily with different restaurants/bars/lounges serving innovative and creative signature cocktails for your enjoyment. Or perhaps one of the many theme nights is more your style? There are a variety of things to do over the next week including seminars, competitions, bubbly night, and so much more. Whether you are going out with friends, colleagues or even for a family affair, there is something for everyone. Click HERE to take a closer look. Check it out for yourself and take advantage of the second edition of l’ Invasion du cocktail.