Intro to OM is a workshop designed to rebuild orgasm with orgasmic meditation.

Nicole Daedone founded One Taste in 2004, and her successful TED TALK was the start of this new worldwide community. When I decided to cover the seminar/workshop I had no idea what to expect. Orgasmic Meditation or OM “ing” is the basis of this new ideology.

I’ll tell you what I imagined would happen: A group of mostly women, in yoga gear, with S’well bottles of ginger tea or kombucha, discussing how we could tap into our orgasmic energy to better our lives. We would discuss how we can connect to higher energies through channeling our orgasm.  To me, this was extremely interesting and can be life-changing…

what actually happened: I arrived in a room with around twelve “students” nine of which were men, one expert (the other didn’t make it) and three “back of house” volunteers who helped with the experience. we sat in a semi-circle drinking the tea included in the 200$ seminar/workshop.

 “OM offers a totally revolutionary approach to the most powerful human drive, the Orgasm impulse. OM offers a practice through which we can harness it that is a deliberate, repeatable method for accessing the Orgasm State” – One Taste

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I was so surprised to see the majority of participants were middle-aged men, some lacked confidence, others, shy, all of them nervous and vulnerable. Of the three women, one was accompanied by a male friend, and the other was already practicing OM…then there was me, right in the middle of the semi-circle.

The first six of the seven-hour workshop had nothing to do with OM. It was a lot of games/exercises to help open us up and be comfortable with each other, which I guess was necessary to allow us to accept and intake the information we were to receive. In the seventh hour, we talked about what Om’ing actually is and eventually and had a fully clothed demonstration.

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What we learned:

  • Orgasmic Meditation introduction
  • OM practice benefits
  • The 5 Conditions of the Orgasm State and how they relate to OM and life
  • A step by step clothes-on demonstration of the practice
  • A confidential professionally held course with subject matter experts
  • Information about and access to further events for OM practitioners in Montréal

The class was insightful, educational, and I truly believe that if someone dedicates their energy to the practice they can benefit vastly. One “popular view” online can see OM as a bit “cult-y” and I can see how.  The workshop attracted men who ultimately want intimacy. A demographic that we well know will spend money to receive it.