Ever since I was a child and my old Scottish granny Lilian convinced me that she had seen the Loch Ness monster with her very own eyes, I believed in dragons, especially sea creature style ones. I didn’t believe there were fire breathing castle dragons from D&D books and Walt Disney movies but I thought there was a lot of evidence that there were living things lurking in the sea. Old inked drawings of boats being pulled down by force from serpentine madness and giant bird like reptiles flying over boats above got me wondering: was it all just myth and madness or at some point in time were these creatures on earth.

Years went by and child like wonder soon turned into jaded rationale. If Dragons were real I decided in my teens, we would know. I let go of my belief in them, until one Summer night, I was walking home from a night out with friends and spotted what looked like a very tiny dragon on the pavement. It was one of those July nights where the sun sets late and the air had that high contrast blueish haze. This in combination with the hazy aftermath of a decent party and I wasn’t exactly what they call a reliable witness! I approached the tiny fantastical creature in amazement and sadness because dragon-or-not it looked dead.  It was covered in dirt but it’s green skin was showing through in some parts. It had tiny wings and a long tail. I pushed it over with a twig and to my disappointment the movement was all too familiar now. The rigid synchronized tumble over from a plastic molded toy. Boy did I feel stupid! How could I think that there was a tiny dragon in my neighborhood! I took it home anyways and when I ran it under the tap, I realized that it’s likeness was incredible. Every detail was taken into account. The musculature of strong back legs, the fine lined wrinkles of dragon texture, the delicate veined wings that resembled torn tissue paper. I kept that little dragon, until I suppose a mad burst of Feng Shui minimalist spring cleaning convinced me to throw out everything not “useful”.

I moved out, got a job, you know did all that adult stuff. Totally gave up on dragons (though I was getting fairly preoccupied with the possibility of aliens) and decided that if there were dragons on earth, we’d hear it on CNN or something. Years of dragon non belief ensued and whenever there were news reports about strange sightings in water or air I laughed to myself a little thinking about the time I thought I found a tiny dragon.  Until today! Today I found a great dragon present on my Facebook wall. Today, at BandMark I suddenly got an incredible urge to hash tag like mad and wake up everyone’s wishful dragon beliefs with the news that a very dragon like sea creature was discovered in Andalusia, Spain! My grandmother is from Andalusia and no I did not find this coincidental but still sort of cool. Today I have decided that maybe there are dragons even though we don’t necessarily find them. After all there is more undiscovered ocean than discovered and we only have so much time for dragon hunting or as most would call marine biology expeditions. Today, I have decided that it’s ok to believe in them, as long as you do not tell people that you see them everywhere, own one as a pet or hear one in your head. I mean people believe in god and when is the last time we had a solid GOD sighting, right?