The bad news first… So you’re freaking out cause you went to your handy TWITTER mass unfollow API TRS (twitter related site) and found out that in 2010, Twitter banned automatic mass Unfollow and mass following in an attempt to slow down the Spam complaints and junk in Twitter accounts (Porn, Gambling, Affiliate programs…)

Not only will they ban you if they catch you mass following or un-following but they will ban you if you send out too many messages with automatic software, aps, sites… So forget those for managing your account. YES even sending out auto-replies that thx people for following are now against their TOS (those messages were never a good idea anyways, they just annoy people)

The good news is that there are tools out there which you can use in order to data-mine your Twitter followers and then manually follow and unfollow people, target followers, dump un-reciprocal followers and so forth.  A new breed of TWITTER management tools called semi-automatic social bots! (At least I am naming them that for now). They carefully fall into the grey area of black-hat marketing, a social marketer’s safe haven where happy clients are able to build accounts quickly without the fear of  suspended or deleted accounts.  Best one out there?  TWEEPI by a long shot… You’ll check it out for yourself, but TWEEPI is amazing. It organizes your Twitter followers faster than a secretary on crystal. With: Geeky follow, Flush, Reciprocate and Cleanup, you can spring clean your account within minutes.

10 Ways to get your account banned on Twitter:

  1. Mass follow or un-follow which is automatic (Select all- a block at a time)
  2. Mass message, auto-replies too
  3. Sending out more than 1 link in a row! (spacing suggested is 16 minutes from an insider)
  4. Having too many links in your tweets – TWITTER wants to see your characters getting filled with text.
  5. Having a very un-equal ratio between followers and following like 1,500 following but just 82 followers
  6. Being annoying – posting tweets every minute, too many @, too many re-tweets will get Tweeple to report you
  7. Having an Adult account xxx
  8. Having an on-line gambling themed profile or talking about on-line gambling too much
  9. Having a hate group
  10. Trying to sell stuff directly from your tweets, keywords like: BUY this! $$$, SAVE%

That’s it folks, happy tweeting 🙂

Some day soon I hope the Social media communities will realize that if everyone wants to use management software it’s because THEY didn’t build any good enough database communication functionality…