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How to SLOWLY wake up in the morning | IN style!

How to SLOWLY wake up in the morning | IN style!

How to SLOWLY wake up in the morning | IN style! 2

After my last trip to NYC, I got quite accustomed to how to slowly wake up in the morning, in bed with a nice cup of coffee. I was at a hotel, so the coffee was brought to me. Looking back, my parents would have been clever to pay me a small allowance to do the same! Anyways, we will have to get our own coffee for now! In a couple, whoever is the least wake-up babyish should do the task. You can trade this task for another bedroom task like being the one to put the fitted sheet on!

The wake up process is typically getting out of a nice comfy world of bed linens and then into a cold kitchen to make a coffee. The process makes no sense because you need to wake up before getting out of bed (it also takes a good 20 minutes to properly wake up, making this task especially trying). Another thing to note is that one always has to pee BEFORE they are truly ready to get out of bed. So, I have cleverly used this pee break window, as the time to make the coffee then go back to bed. Here are the steps. Note that you need a decent head board ideally, a few comfy prop-up pillow to make this all super awesome.

BandMark’s how to wake up in the morning life hack

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  1. When you wake up to pee, go make yourself whatever it is you drink in the a.m Coffee, tea..
  2. Go back to bed with a magazine, laptop, tablet, newspaper, kindle whatever
  3. Prop yourself up so that you are in that transitional position known as chaise longue (flat or bent knees, lying up against something cushioned)
  4. Enjoy a good half hour of waking up slowly. For example, if you need to get ready during the week at 8 am, do this at 7:30
  5. During weekends, plan ahead. Walk the dog late, and have your wake-up routine in place (mags by the bed)


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