Facebook vanity urls
Miror Miror!

Remember the craze of vanity urls where everyone was able to reserve their own name instead of a long string of id numbers! Well a lot of people didn’t realize you can add a custom url (vanity) name to your facebook pages too.


wouldn’t it be better to have


3 easy steps and you will be able to get this name for your Face book pages!

Set-up Vanity url for fb page Step 1

Go here: http://www.facebook.com/username/ (You need to be admin of the page you want to set up, you need a verified account and also you need to make sure you pick the right name cause u get 1 chance only, no going back to edit!)

Set-up Vanity url for fb page Step 2

You will see: Set a username for your Pages with a hyperlink – click the Set a username link. Should send you to:

Each Page can have a username

Easily direct someone to your Page by setting a username for it. You will not be able to edit or transfer this username once you set it.

Set-up Vanity url for fb page Step 3

Pick your name and make sure it is available  (Avoid using symbols and too many alphanumeric combos or many words. The best names for pages are 1 word or acronyms. If your band is Jody and Joodles, JAJ would be ideal. Make it easy for people to remember because Jodyandthejoodles will looks messy. JodyAndTheJoodles is only slightly better… don’t even think of Jody.And

So now that you have picked your custom url for your facebook fan page, all you need to do is use that new url in all your promos 🙂

Here is ours: http://www.facebook.com/bandmark feel free to like us 😉