Mondays do suck it’s true and scientificaly proven! They have been sucking since we implemented the 7 day week. Who ever first thought of that is crazy. 2 days off, 5 days on? That is an entirely different topic.. for now let’s focus on problem solving the fact that Monday sucks and how we can make it suck a little less!

I am a pretty positive person, and I like all the other days of the week AND I have my own business so my Monday hatred is less than the typical North American who has to drag their ass into an office and work for someone else. Still though.. when the sun begins to set on Sunday, I too get that weekend is over feeling and get-sh*t-together cloud over my little head. Suddenly my things to do list seems like it’s shouting at me and the clock seems like it’s turning its little arms way too fast. All of a sudden 4 is now 5 pm, u blink and it’s suddenly 7!

You wake up Monday morning a little sleepier and more reluctant than other days, because you know there is a full week of non-weekend type of life stuff to get done. Work, school, errands whatever. Unless you are fabulously wealthy or retired and in that case this will not apply to you. Enough ranting now let’s get to the good stuff. I have compiled a list of 10 things that will make your Monday suck less! You’re welcome.

  1. Go out for breakfast or save your cheat meal for that morning. Waking up to something yummy is a huge Monday motivator!
  2. Pimp up your morning bevy too. Instead of a coffee get a Cappucino, Moccacino whatever you like, it’s Monday decorate your caffeine today (no that doesn’t mean Baileys)
  3. Use a special aromatherapy shower gel reserved for Mondays! I swear it works well. It  makes Monday’s shower a little more fragrant and energizing.
  4. Mix good foods in with your bad weekend food and drinks. Eating badly all weekend contributes to wacky blood sugars and cracky cravings on Monday.
  5. Make sure your #1 most annoying task (mine is putting the sheet corner over my mattress) does not fall on a Monday! Push it to Tuesdays if you have to.
  6. Do something active. If you go to the gym, def go on Mondays. If you do not go for a long walk or pick stairs over elevators to get serotonin levels up.
  7. Avoid dealing with negative nellies. You can tell them you are busy and deal with them another day.
  8. Smile even if you are not feeling happy. Smiling sends cues to your brain to be happy even when you are not happy. This has been proven scientifically.
  9. Breathe. Yes just breathe deeply and slowly. Blood to the brain will relax you.
  10. One of my favorite song lyrics of all time “Don’t think about all those things you fear -Just be glad to be here..”  be grateful today, think of 1 reason even if tiny.