A while back, I met a virtual friend via LinkedIn who works in the algorithm R&D! He gives me tips every now and again as Google refines their search bots on small ways to make the engine aka HUMMINGBIRD happy. All of this info is currently available on the web in various locations, but really it’s not rocket science and there is only so much you can do to influence search results. In order to really understand why Google would prioritize your content, see if your content answers a lot of search questions. Does your content cover some trendy keywords that web surfers are using these days? Also keep in mind that if something is overly trendy like Miley Cyrus’s letter to Sinead- likely a plethora of bigger sites will get 1st page ranking. You want to cater to smaller, yet trendy keywords which is a fair race for your industry. Then you want to simply provide the most relevant information you can for those keywords by answering the following questions:

  1. Is my content (blog , web copy) defining anything on the web? If so this is in Hummingbird high priority!
  2. Is my content (blog, web copy) answering popular questions by industry – like “How to make Hummingbird happy ?”
  3. Does my content contain tags and keywords in: The title, the images, the meta keywords of my web content – best 2 out of 3
  4. Are their millions of other sites already taking care of writing about this topic? – ideally NO, not millions but thousands.
  5. Is my copy suspiciously keyword stuffed and boring aka SEO copy, or is it actually interesting & well written – the bots know the difference now!

These BandMark tips will help you get ranked better and provide your visitors with content they truly appreciate. Google already sells adwords, so the search engine is not in the business of rewarding people trying to cheat, but rather those who are providing a positive experience with regards to their search result quality.