How social does your band need to be?

Social my band!
Social my band!

So how involved is your band in social media? Social media platforms have become an intricate part in helping bands connect and communicate with customers, friends and audiences. Effective marketing requires constant communication and time.

Here’s a compiled list a few services to help facilitate your job: Build a profile on a single site, and then send it out to as many of the platforms  you have accounts with. If you’re comfortable providing your ID, info and passwords to a single organisation, it will save you a lot of time and effort. This company is even more finely tuned to what you do. Upload your gigs, recordings and band information and it will be promoted to numerous music based media sites. and will act as a shortcut if you want to alert or update a lot of different sites and services simultaneously with a single email.

However the most effective social media strategy is a custom built one adapted to your needs. Every band is unique and therefore must find the best way to attract  fans to its music and shows. To begin, ask yourself who is your audience, what their online habits are, where they can be found and what would be the best way to capture their attention. BandMark can help you do the rest! It’s about customisation. if you’re going to be spending time on social networking, you want it to be time well spent and focused on the social platforms. Start by developing 3 effectively- make your marketing
efforts count!