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The Montreal Pandemic Mini Party Guide
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The Montreal Pandemic Mini Party Guide

The Montreal Pandemic Mini Party Guide 1

With Montreal residential parties STILL at a legal capacity of 10, (balconies, yards and roofs can have 20) MTL pandemic mini-parties are becoming a THING. So without further ado: The MTL Pandemic Mini Party Guide!

And hey, it’s a lot easier to plan for 9 people than 20. Enjoy these intimate gatherings and quit whining about the lack of giant indoor crowds, passports and other first world luxuries. Many countries simply do not have the luxury to mourn their loss of “party vibes” so let’s take a moment and realize how fortunate it is to even be worrying about how sad a 9 person party is and enjoy them for what they are. These events are small enough to be able to manage everything from A-Z from the highly curated guestlist to the drinks and food served. Many cocktail parties in the 50s and 60s were small and intimate friend bubbles, so appreciate the retro-ness and get involved!

How To Choose Your 9 Friends

Try to chose friends not based on if they all know each other, but rather if they would mesh. To aim for 9 guests, most people invite 12 as 2-3 will likely come at dif times or not at all. This is your chance to not have to invite problematic guests. Leave those less savory party guests in the hands of Netflix for the night and invite your favorite kind of guests! Don’t be shy to mix acquaintances with tight relationships – it’s not about the connection it’s about the right mix of personalities. To avoid tension, inviting 2 crushes or social enemies is not ideal. You may aslo want to be sensitive to break up dynamics if you are friends with a couple who recently broke it off.

The MTL Pandemic Mini Party Guide!
The MTL Pandemic Mini Party Guide! Choosing 9 lucky loveys!

Example Of A 9 People Selection Rule

Here is a party list example: 4 Good friends who socialize well, 2 newer acquaintances on your “let’s hang out soon list”. 2 Fun neighbors who would likely be aware of your get together. 1 wild card. The wild card can be someone you met once but found intriguing or can be the extended guest of a current guest. Just make sure that the majority of your mini party are trusted friends who you know will add a positive vibe, help you entertain and kick people out when cocktail time is over ;) if you say 5@7 prepare for them to leave at 9 if you say 6@9, prepare for them to leave at 11. Generally people gets antsy on their own after 3 hours.

how to have MTL pandemic mini parties guide
Remember VIP lounges of Clubs? Your party IS The VIP lounge of clubs!

What To Buy For Drink

It’s only 9 people and how often do you have parties during a pandemic? It’s time to splurge a little. Equip the house with enough drinks to serve guests 3-4 drinks is the expected norm for a 3 hour cocktail party, 2 in the first hour followed by 1 for each subsequent hour. Heavy drinkers who need to drink faster or more than this during a short 6-9pm cocktail party need to bring their own supply. Or add liquor to the main cocktail theme. Also to note martini glasses spill easilly, opt for Collins glasses or heavy tumblers. Stock non-boozey stuff too for non-drinkers and stoners!

MTL Pandemic Mini Party Guide!
Buying glasses that are easy to hold is wise ;) Collins and Tumblers fit into even the slipperriest of palms well.

How To Prevent THIRSTY guests from “Bogartting” the supply

Drink tickets. You had envisioned being generous in a fair way, so don’t let a wall flower be neglected because a problem drinker polished off the whisky. Find a unique currency (fake money, beads, coins, pebbles, shells) and give 4 to each guest. This is to ensure that everyone gets their fair share of the cocktail supply. This doesn’t stop you from also dishing out shots or champagne, it’s just to control to some degree supply and demand in a tried and tested way that has worked for parties since the Roman empire!

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The MTL Pandemic Mini Party Guide!

What To Buy For Food

You want 3 considerations in party food: Easy to digest, not messy, helps slow down inebriation. Chips, pretzels, olives and mixed nuts are a classic staple and should be on all surfaces. These are good especially in the first hour of double drink fun. Then mid-way into the party, a heavier more dinner replacement app is needed. My favorites here are: meatballs, mini sandwiches or mini quiches. If you don’t want to worry about the food side of your mini pandemic party, get a caterer like TITANIC who has an expertise in private party and Montreal office luncheons.

The MTL Pandemic Mini Party Guide!
Don’t get experiemental with apps, stick to classics .
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