The time has come to select THE most promising Halloween party in our city. Always a daunting task as most Montrealers have mastered the art of producing and attending special events. For BandMark the criteria is generally based on music, venue and theme. What makes it extra special is that it lands on a Saturday! And if I can recall 7 years ago… it was an epic one, produced and hosted by yours truly, in the rural days of Griffintown 😉

So what’s our TOP pick? Pop Up Art Montreal, “” and La Galerie have assembled a very special fundraiser event in tribute to Alfred Hitchcock. As I am an art and film buff this was an obvious choice to me. It has all the elements I’m looking for. Having worked and been exposed to half the artist lineup helps A LOT. Most have more than earned their stripes on the party circuit. And it goes a little something like this…

Musical guests

Elsiane, G’nee, Isabelle Longnus, Fran Alexander with  DJs Danika Bass, Kelly Belfo and Terry Lang


Lyla Deloup (Hoola Hoop), Leticia Manfield (percussions), Suzanne Maurice’s “The Birds” installation (more than 150 handmade birds!)

Live painting and auction

Jean-Michel Cholette, Oliver Dumoulin, G.A The Homa, Twisted Kitties, Patricia Klimov, Bastien Tremblay, David Junkin

3 options

Cocktail (5 pm – 10 pm) @ La Galerie, 1200 Rue Amherst, suite 102, $30

Official party (10 pm – 3 am) @ Clinique de Santé Cannabis, 1239 Amherst, $50

Cocktail + official party @ Clinique de Santé Cannabis, 1239 Amherst, $70

Tickets are sold @ La Galerie. On-line @ Eventbrite or

The TWMF (Tristan Williams Foundation) helps hopeful young adults who see their plans for the future and dreams shattered by a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. MS It is the most common degenerative disease most often diagnosed in young adults in Canada. Tristan wishes to spread the word about TWMF and therefore, raise funds; Come and join us during our the two thematic events and embark into Alfred Hitchcock’s twisted and restless universe. More info in fine print below: