The mandolin is like 70s rock extract. It’s like adding Spanish Fly to your cocktails or a tropical breeze to your speaker system. Sexy Italian petite lute progeny, this double stringed lady is harder than she looks! A musical tincture or a powerful exotic herb like cardamon.  The mandolin in non classical music is a brave instrument, the higher octaves force the singer to match notes.  Led Zeppelin’s ‘Battle of Evermore’ has to be by far the most epic mandolin rock win, like ever. Think about it now, what do you hear in your head? The first 3 seconds of that intro could be used in one of those ‘Guess that song’ radio contests. Had the opening riff been just a regular guitar, it would not have had the same impact. The uniqueness and exotic hippie-ness of the song would just not be the same.

Herrick for me stood out because of 2 things – the bold mandolin decision and the singer’s full bodied country belts. The combination is nothing short of a sunset road trip. In fact it feels exactly like driving along the Washington coastline from British Columbia.  The singer Donna Herrick (lead vocals/mandolin) reminds me of a more country Anne Wilson or a less 70s Fleetwood Mac. The rest of the band  is composed of husband Kerry Herrick (vocals and bass), Jefferson Rogers (lead guitar), and Jeff Bradshaw (drums and percussion) who really help sculpt the Alternative genre into the Classic Country sound.

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