Before M for Montreal got underway this week Ceilidh Michelle laid down some ground work. Gotta give her some props, the lucky picks of Miss Michelle held some real gems that I had no idea where out there in our vast & diversified pool of artists.

Local duo Heartstreets grabbed my attention right away. Within seconds of playing their track Bubble of Joy I was hooked. Looked forward to seeing what they had to offer on stage.

I had just been having a conversation earlier in the evening about certain acts that perform a very bare bones type of set-up, which some times leaves me feeling a little bored. I have seen singers/rappers/pop stars & so on slowly work there way from one end of the stage to the other, which can get tedious very quick.

As I entered Club Soda Heartstreets had just hit the stage. Immediately my earlier thoughts came flooding back. Watching this duo carry a full set on stage with nothing but a DJ off to the left side was exactly what I had needed. Proving once & for all that the lack of presence I’ve seen in many pop, r&b or rap acts is really just a testament to the individual. Let’s face it, some artists simply need the added dynamic of a backing band to carry them through.

HeartstreetsFor the Heartstreets girls this is far from the truth. They have really found something special together on stage. First of all, they sound incredible & equally so between the sung or rapped portions of their lyrics. So good I have been playing their music all day while writing this piece, unable to get it out of my head. The En Vogue sample in Not Around is so addictive. The performance for the two also sounds identical to the mastered tracks, often not the case.

The dynamic shared by this duo flows so effortlessly. Both these girls clearly love being up on stage. They simply shine while leisurely gliding about the stage playing off the crowd. The subtle choreography shared between the 2 during some moments felt so natural & so damn refreshing. The whole set given seemed flawlessly executed in my opinion. Minimal, but in the best way possible.

Thoroughly entertaining & for me one of the better performances of the festival. Heartsreets is a group worthy of the international showcase that is M for Montreal. I will be watching & waiting, bursting with anticipation for what will come from these 2, I see big things.