Miss Eaves: The tale of the wild child so desperate to get closer to her fans, she once crawled on top of a DJ booth and performed her 30-minute set crouched in the narrow space between the ceiling and the booth?

Or, maybe you heard the story of the tough as nails broad who crawled on the stage with a busted face, just hours after being released from the hospital after being hit face first by a car while riding her bike?

She started out a scrappy kid from the burbs of North Carolina making jewelry out of cereal boxes in her living room with artistic dreams in her destiny. Fast forward to present day Brooklyn, after a stint in design school, and this fierce MC is a designer so passionate that she named even her band after her favorite font, Mrs. Eaves.

Miss Eaves

Shanthony Exum (aka Miss Eaves) is a fierce femcee known for her unique electro-pop-rap feminist stylings and fun-dance-explosion stage presence. From nights karaoking in bars to performing in sold-out festivals in Belgium, Miss Eaves, realized performing was like a drug she couldn’t quit and she fiends for it.

Miss Eaves just dropped a stellar visual with her biting track, Hi H8ter. You won’t have to watch closely to find some familiarity, having shot this visual around the MTL streets with cameos of some local faces.

I made a music video (Thick Thighs, at the top of the page) featuring women of all body types and ages dancing and living their best lives away from male judgment. And it seems a lot of people have a problem with me lately. Why? Mainly because even as a woman who is black, thick and in my 30s, who does not neatly fit into mainstream beauty standards… I still have the audacity to make art featuring myself and my friends. – Miss Eaves

Trolls insulted my body. So I made this music video for them – Miss Eaves

While (contrarily) reading the YouTube comments on her visual for Thick Thighs, the backlash from various internet trolls who have no value in their two-cent opinions, Miss Eaves came back swinging to address the issue of Women being treated as objects and “fat” people being treated as caricatures in pop culture. Here’s what some of the Thick Thighs h8ters had to say about Miss Eaves and her gang of fabulous women.

Stop promoting obesisty, you whales!

These women are degenerates and no matter how much they forcibly expose their disgusting bodies to the public the public will never think they are beautiful.

LOL. Fat whales start training and go to the gym daily if you don’t wanna die in your thirties.

The House of Laureen queens, Uma Ghad and Anaconda Lasabrosa make a glamorous appearance in the video while taking on the designated Internet Troll – Simon Moosewell from Montreal’s own Wrestling Collective, Earthbound-Group. 

Shout out to Miss Eaves for making both this track and the video. Best Kept MTL stands behind you on this issue and tips the hat to your talent and art. We’re watching you, and loving every moment!

It’s always nice to see the local love and Montreal scene shine! Shout out to Miss Eaves for making this video in our own backyard. How many places can you spot?

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