As someone who is a fairly regular moderate drinker aka normie aka typical montrealer with European parents, I can’t say I am 100% able to avoid hangovers with a perfect track record. One of those reasons is that humans tend to remember fun things vs consequences (or who would ever give birth twice right?) A secondary reason is the exposure to really fun and hedonistic events like all you can eat and drink parties for the media.. But a very a very key reason, is that I simply forget that one can hack a hangover with relative ease.. I tried it this weekend and I can assure you that unless you are a raging alcoholic – doing these 5 simple tricks will prevent you from feeling like a truck hit you the next day.

  1. Vitamin C  before each drink (now if you are going to have a few drinks, you will need to do the math. Do not exceed 1,000mg in one night, so let’s say you have 4 drinks – consume 250mg of Vitamin C prior to each alcoholic bevy.)Vitamin C helps protect the liver from the oxidative stress you will put it though on a party night. Add Magnesium to that and you’re all set in terms of prepatory Vitamins. (We like Emergen C linked up at the top because you can add it to water and take care of tips #1 & #2 in one shot.)
  2. Stick with clear alcohol like triple distilled vodkas and Gins. The worst thing you can do is mix things around. There are lots of old mariner riddles to help guide you like beer before liquor, nothing sicker – beer before wine, everything’s fine etc etc.. but in truth – mixing any 2 types of alcohol already sets you at a disadvantage. Every Sunday morning I witness the pink puke lining the streets old Old Montreal from party newbs having cheap wine with dinner then grey douche bottles at the club! Lose the stigma of wanting to start with a light wine as to not appear like a total debauched maniac. You’re drinking tonight, start your cocktails early..
  3. Charcoal pills. Now these are a real game-changer! Charcoal pills can absorb 100 their own weight in toxin like the #1 hangover causing ingredient: Congeners. These are chemicals left over from the fermentation process. These are responsible for the really awful part of a hangover like vicious nausea and headaches that feel like your skull is quietly cracking. Anyone who has ever woken up still drunk or wanting to die to end their pain, need to buy these like yesterday..819fxj83xnL._SY355_
  4. A salty snack before bed. This is why things like fries, 99 cent pizza slices and other fast food options do help at 4am – they help hold onto what little hydration you have in the night. Good salty snacks are pizza, burgers, general tao. You want to get a little protein in there with your salties. There is a magic hour to do this though, you cannot do this RIGHT before bed or it will disrupt your sleep. Do it right after your last drink. If you went to a club, 3am PIZZA and 4am sleep works just fine.  Drinking GATORADE the next day is 100% too late and any positive effects you feel are purely psychological.P015_ProductImage_Large_en_Default_20140203_093305
  5. Water. This can not be emphasized more. The more water you drink during and after drinking, the better you will feel the next day. You cannot make up for a night of drinking with a liter of water at 4am, you have to do it gradually as you drink. Regardless of the % of alcohol, you need to drink the same ratio. What you are doing is essentially flushing the liver – replacing the fluid. Salty snack during will also prevent you from peeing constantly and help hydrate. Note that carbonated bevies do not hydrate in the same way..

If you are a healthy individual, you should be able to drink a couple of drinks and still feel decent the next day. Some other factors are if you are smoking or how much you have had for diner. A dinner too high in sugars.