The original team of Gypsy Bali, which has pushed many Montrealers to visit Canggu in Bali, imports its concept and installs the Gypsy in the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal. Located at the corner of Rachel and Berri streets, this new neighborhood café-bar will offer a great gathering place for people from the Plateau and a chill zone for digital nomads.

GypsyThe decor by Amlyne Phillips from La Chambre Design (Apt 200, HÀ Old Montreal & Nhau Bar, Jatoba) recalls the Balinese roots of the original concept and is imbued with a Californian spirit. Wood and concrete will rub shoulders with plants and natural textiles to create a dreamy place for morning coffee as well as for cocktails with friends — a relaxed atmosphere that will lead visitors to stay and unwind.

GypsyGypsy‘s nomadic DNA has prompted chef Robin Filteau-Boucher to recreate the flavors of the world using local produce, for the sake of eco-responsibility. They offer a fresh vegetarian- and vegan-friendly menu: bowls of smoothie, fresh juices and slices of morning bread, salads and colorful bowls to consume on site or to take away at any time of the day. A daily menu, varying with the passing seasons, will be served in the evening.

GyspyGypsy, which welcomes you from early to late, for brunch, lunch, dinner or evening, offers a healthy table, a festive cocktail menu and a warm and inviting atmosphere. The coffee counter allows you to take a bite on the go or settle down to enjoy a beverage and work quietly. On the other hand, the bar suggests a surprising bouquet of floral and vegetable flavors – kombucha cocktails, hot toddies with a twist, a fine selection of natural wines and local beers.

GypsyCo-owner Kevin Latrem put his nomadic impulses on pause to better return to his hometown. Accompanied by Chef Robin Filteau-Boucher, Gab Jetté and Andy Dubois, he unites strength and passion with the team at HÀ Old Montreal — Flore-Anne Ducharme, Nicolas Urli and Francisco Randez — to deploy and lead the establishment.

Gypsy Coffee in the morning, bar in the evening and a bit of everything during the day, Gypsy is the perfect place to exchange and dream adventures!


Here is what you need to know about Gypsy :

Location: 500 Rue Rachel E, Montréal, QC H2J 2H2
Opening hours: From 8AM to late at night
Opening Party Date and Time: Thursday, October 4, 2018, from 5PM to 3AM
Instagram: @WeareGypsy

Photo credit: GYPSY

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