Firstly, I want to say that the creative direction of Alessandro Michele is none other than brilliant. He managed to weave fantasy, formal uniform wear & vintage fabrics in a very strong show. However, there is a castrated, shameful and boyish feel to the collection and fashion show of the Gucci SS17 Collection.

I see a lot of reviews saying that GUCCI SS17 is a gay or transgendered thing but I disagree. 

While a lot of male models are homosexual, a lot are not – it is typically a mix. Also one does not have to be gay to be effeminate or butch to be straight, this is 2017 people!

One look at the proud fit men at gay pride parades and homophobic Republicans cannot cast blame on this demographic. There is clearly an assault on masculinity as we know it and it has nothing to do with sexuality. But, why are we surprised at all? Did we not destroy all that was feminine is the 80s with hip-less, glow-less waifs?

GUCCI SS17 has done the same thing here with all that is masculine.

We have omitted in this entire fashion line: warriors, fighters, protectors, heroes, fathers. Can you honestly imagine one of these men having your back in a fight, or getting anyone pregnant or fixing their car, (except they probably have a peach tricycle..).

It seems there is a look that does not change with time and trend in fashion; there is a lasting look once we destroy all that is natural away from humanity. Once we carve the fat and the muscle and self-esteem and are left with little clothing hangers of emptiness.

There is a something that sells and it is not masculinity or femininity or pride or happiness or anything good, it is depression, it is addiction, it is shame and it SELLS. 

In order to sell a pair of $500 jeans to the average earner, you need to make them feel like shit a little first!  If haute couture has had an unchallenged theme over the years it is that we should hate ourselves. Not one suit is shimmering of SUCCESS, not one rock and roll outfit feels truly ROCK-ON… and none of the elaborately robed men are strutting like a peacock.

As far as I’m concerned, a proper Men’s fashion show has some shirtless dudes like the VERSACE one below. Watch as they quickly walk on by like well-proportioned cyborgs of confident sexiness!

The Gucci SS17 line is one of the most inventive and multi-cultural fashion creations of this era.

With Kimono inspired shirts, bedazzled varsity jackets and patterned suits that would have had Bowie go crazy over; GUCCI has thought of it all this time. But why not have been just as diverse with the men in the show? Why were there no jocks in the sporty stuff or alpha male realness in the business stuff? Where was the classic jeans and T-shirt boy next door  types and why is that considered NOT fashion anymore?

Creating high-end jeans and gorgeous T-shirts is extremely changeling, but it should always be a part of a proper Men’s line.  The same way a black cocktail dress never goes out of style. Why were all the models asked to drag their feet across the runway in lazy forced military fashion, instead of properly sliding down the runway with heads high full of vigour and swagger.

I do not get it, I do not like it. Watch the video and then tell yourself that a week before the show, all the men were castrated. Does it not all make sense now? Nuf said.