All Natural Shaving Products Hand-made in Montreal

There was a time when Kings and Queens considered the beard to be an attribute of the Gods. Nowadays, it is a trendy accessory. There are plenty of styles to look at: the pas rasé look, the short beard, the huge one, and let’s not forget the mustaches kept alive after the Movember fury. And we, ladies, can be quite picky when it comes to beards and mustaches as we cannot know exactly what fell into it, a bit of this a bit of that. What we do know is that it sometimes hides faults on a man’s face, say absence of full lips or a fat chin. Some men wear it well, thank goodness for that.


Whether you like it silky smooth or coarse, each beard or mustache must be groomed or disappear! Groom Industries understood it three years ago when their passion to create 100% natural shaving products and bring back old school shaving. Today they are pretty busy selling them as far as in France.


Hand-made from pure essential oils, these products not only smell good, read bergamot, with a touch of lavender, but they exfoliate, hydrate, and keep the skin and beard soft and clean. Specially designed for those tender cheeks to cheeks moments, and because men deserve a little pampering such as a beard well-conditioned, or simply to get rid of those split ends.

Groom shaving products are presented in cool apothecary jars. Groom shaving soap cost (30$), beard wash (24$), after-shave lotion (26$), hair pomade (32$) and beard oil (28$).

Canadian residents: order their products online before December 19th to secure delivery time on December 24th!