Curtis Jones AKA Green VelvetAfter 20 years in the business, a half-dozen pseudonyms, countless produced tracks and the growth of a legendary reputation, it’s about time Chicago’s Curtis Jones (alias Green Velvet) landed at Igloofest. Definitely one of the heavy-hitters of the ‘fest, he’ll be playing tomorrow night!

The spirit of American techno has infused many of this year’s Igloofest acts, always with a twist — and Curtis Jones is nothing if not a bit twisted. With his green-mohawked persona and often bizarre lyrics, Curtis has a reputation as the resident mad scientist of techno / house. Green Velvet’s four albums, beginning with the appropriately-titled Constant Chaos in 1993, span the gamut of light and darkness, and show that Jones lives up to his reputation. You can’t have good mad science without, well, madness.

Usual suspects like Juan Atkins and Derrick May (again!) loom large over Green Velvet’s funky techno house sound, but it doesn’t stop there. An experimentalist throughout his career, Green Velvet reaches across genres; one track may feature processed vocals and synth leads from a ’70s Kraftwerk cut, while the next might feature punked-out guitars straight from a ’90s Chemlab track, or sugary female voices from a lost ’80s Italo Disco single. There may also be fragmented tales of alien abductions, which could explain things a bit.

Here’s a preview of some classic Velvet. We assume you won’t need a tractor beam to get you out to Igloofest tomorrow!