TIME to get your dance shoes on, give your liver a heads up about the Belvedere abuse and hook yourself up with earplugs. TIME’s sound system is a true alpha in BOOM and this classic club’s iconic series of fashion and music events is known to be loud in volume (both audio and liquor) A former club kid, gone Netflix – it takes me a lot to leave my cozy little penthouse… a big liquor sponsored event though will guarantee that the night should feel pretty high budget and hey when I do drink Belvedere is A ok.

Am I looking forward to the guestlist bragging, table reserving douchebags who will be pumping their fists in the inaudible music of their own drunken gang? No lol, but MOGUAI’s neo-trance/progressive house/electro house nordic house beats are sure to drown out the chaos and narrow in the good vibes. It will be interesting to see if I like the set because I am a lover of electro house but I am not a great fan of trance (mostly because of the creepy and kind of lame fan-base!). I know that it’s not super friendly but it’s subjective and you don’t have to love everyone. I guess I went to a trance rave party years ago and people were dressed up as fairies and there were glow in the dark mushrooms it was really just too childish, weird and escapist for me!  So I guess I’m hoping the trance part of the music is less psy/fantasy and more housey and electro but I guess we’ll see this Friday January 11th 2013!