Your night is about to get better. Or, for some of you, your night will finally get good. Montreal locals, Ghost Vines, gave us their self-titled EP this October, reminding us (if you care to pay attention to what’s happening in your music community) that musicians are constantly putting forth innovative, relevant, inspiring shit in this town.

Enter Ghost Vines. Like the cool older kids at school, Matt Lee of Devil Eyes, Jess Roze of Telegraph Jungle, and drummer David K of bands like Red Mass, have been hanging around, doing sweet things for years.

Ghost Vines could even be considered a “super group,” if super groups weren’t tacky industry ploys trying to breathe new life into irrelevant pop stars. (Let’s just chalk up this manifestation as some musicians who played in other bands now playing in a new band – that happens sometimes).

As for the album itself, I’m not gonna give you the play-by-play. I will give you a concise summary of what stood out to me, and hopefully my vague cyber scrawlings will be enough to entice you to go listen to this fucking album on your own.

What immediately hooked me in were those flawless harmonies, executed over some seriously ripping guitar lines; vocal harmonies are tricky enough to pull off over your basic G major café chords, but Ghost Vines throws a fistful of musical skill right in your face and stands by it for the entire EP.

There’s a reason that Montreal’s music scene is an advantageous place to be and Ghost Vines is definitely contributing to that.

Heavy guitars and wistful melodies have you in a state of both musical exultation and contemplation. The mix is like the paradox that happens in your brain when you smoke weed: a conflict of dash and drama; fight or flight; vivid intoxication.

I love that a track like Fall begins the album; those guitar lines make an ideal introduction; there’s an excitement there, a motivation to get up and move.

Never Lonely Alone, the album’s lone slow track (written by Jud Ehbar) exhibits more of Lee and Roze’s indelible harmonies, and Bring on Your Guns, the closing track, reassures me when they sing that they won’t back down, they won’t stop…

It’s not only the mediocre color-by-numbers “musicians” that have a place in our music industry. Ghost Vines is officially on the scene, and the only place they’ll be going is L’Escogriffe on the 29th of January.