One of my favorite reasons for living on the edge of the old Port and plateau is the incredible amount of art, music and culture I am literally subjected to on a daily basic in the warm months. There is always a film shooting on one of the streets, a few art shows or concerts on the water and different squares. By contrast, the winter is the perfect hibernation. Tourists are gone, the streets are a frosty ghost town of romantic lights and crystal covered architecture. Today was a prime example, I slept in until 9! (much needed catch up sleep) and took the dog for a lazy stroll and what do I see a giant white truck in mid graffiti!  I took a pic and talked to the artist a bit. His name is Philippe Mastrocola and he has found a way to actually take live photos from inside his spray cans as he works. He also has a show tonight at Gallerie 203.

“I converted my empty spray cans into pinhole cameras. I was then able to document my temporary art using the same can that contains the paint and creates the art. The difference between digital pictures and pinhole photography is that digital is cold and emotionless wheres the pinhole pictures are warm and ethereal.”

While he is creating a scene on the other side of his cam cans, the inside is taking the world as small fragments of light capture his environment. He also recycles cans and uses them as canvases, spraying his cans on cans with cams! His work is to me is very West Coast and I love it. Lots of organic waves and lots of sunset colors. You can see a lot of his work on his INSTAGRAM @SPRAYCAM

Spray Cam from Philippe Mastrocola on Vimeo.