I push my way into a room I can barely breathe in. Somewhere above the flannel, touqued-out crowd hover shattered, splintered skateboards, detritus from the streets of Montreal, scraps from an activity that still comes across as urban, as rebellious, as straight Hood Rat. This is Escape Bored.

Splattered with renderings of Michael Angelo-esque angels and exit signs, beautiful blossoms, and swirling, Tarot-card-like Hanged Man’s, this is a Montreal art vernissage in all its glory, a melange of the unexpected.

Though skateboard art is not really all that revolutionary in its newness, these skateboard-loving, street wandering urban artists sure put on a hell of a party, and definitely put forth work that deserves respect.

And where exactly was said party? Chez Boris, naturally. Chez Boris is slowly becoming the belle of the Montreal ball right now, with their nightly medium, Chez Boris After Dark, a weekend dinner party that has featured everything from Nintendo 64 play-offs, to documentary screenings, to Barbarella and Indian Talis. Escape Bored saw some pretty epic and delicious Quesadillas being cooked up.

Escape Bored was the name of the event, but Get Born Mag was a very cool participant. In closing, I ask the question “Is skating just for boys?”


“Based out of Chicago and Montreal, Get Born is the product of four girls searching for a way to channel their passion for skateboarding, and contribute to their local skate communities in a positive way. As an online platform, it strives to document and recognize the small instances of genuine passion and innovation that remain in the industry.”