At the 5th edition of M for Montreal with Gene Simmons vs Sid Lee was a friendly debate about bands and brands and the importance of image positioning, trademark, copyright and everything you could imagine in a “The band IS the brand”” style forum. Gene Simmons, who admittedly likes the sound of his own voice, was definitely on a roll in terms of listen to me… I’m a dinosaur monologues… KISS promotions and clever come-backs. He was even so bold as to edit the M for Montreal logo with a sharpie as we can see here in our short best of Gene Simmons @ M for Montreal segment.

He was very presentable and very funny and he held our attention for what seemed like the duration of a typical movie and it was a movie…a movie about him! Some dude from Sid Lee whose name escapes me got in his 2 cents too in between Gene’s amazing bragathon. Gene Simmons is a very interesting ego monster and a total fame whore.  He is the ultimate macho alpha-male superstar. Women are at his feet, when he isn’t a classical beauty. Men KISS his ass, especially aspiring musicians and nerds who will never see the the other side of the playboy mansion’s front door. On one hand, a true softy and we can see this when we see him with his kids or his new bands, who he treats and protects like family. On the other hand, if you made a YouTube video and grabbed one of his songs for promotional material, expect a law suit in the mail as he mentioned more than once… he loves to sue and yes even the little people!

Gene Simmons is a branding and image management king and we know this already because according to marketing specialists, the 4 KISS faces are the most recognized faces in the world. The rock & roll pinky and index finger symbol we often see at rock concerts is HIS. He emphasized it so much playing guitar it became the lighter that people held up during his shows and all other shows.

A sometimes radically independent and stubborn thinker, he is known to rebel against common sense to stand out of the crowd. We learned this on live TV during an episode of Donald Trump’s show where he actually gets fired for being difficult! Love him or hate him, he is brilliant, extremely wealthy and has certainly made a name for himself  in this life and perhaps even in the afterlife! Apparently, KISS has branded themselves both condoms and caskets! The informal slogan “We want to get you when you’re coming or going””.  I have been impressed with 2 famous people in the past 5 years and Gene was one of them. Patti Smith at the Pop Montreal showcase is the other. Ironically they probably hate each other lol.

Some speculate that Gene’s ego is already so big, he would simply combust if KISS was been inaugurated into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, what seems to be an automatic win? I mean, bands that KISS has influenced are there! KISS should have been inaugurated 10 years ago… but strangely they have not. Popular vote wants them in as we can see in one of many crowd sourced surveys:


Gene please don’t sue us for unauthorized use of your band pics 😉

KISS my ass!