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Gastro Soup | Yummy and easy on the tummy :)

Gastro Soup | Yummy and easy on the tummy :)

We’ve all had that awful flu that makes us scared to eat anything, in fear the body will want to keep rejecting it. In fact, it’s hard to tell if we are food poisoned or flu-ish, but in the end it doesn’t really matter. During the first part (often the initial 24 hours you may as well eat what you want, especially that it is likely going to rip right trough you like a kid in water park, skipping nutritional value station. You will also not gain any weight during this grace period. You are probably nauseous too so really just eat whatever you feel you are hungry for. If dinner is a little ice cream and a toast so be it. Once you are on the fast track to recovery (usually gastro is 3-5 days) you can begin replenishing your water and easing your digestive system. Here is the perfect soup for that! We know you will be low on energy too so it’s an easy one to make.

Garlic, ginger & turmeric chicken rice soup!

1- 1 glove of garlic diced up (will help kill off whatever made you sick initially)
2- 1 half breast chicken cubed
3- 4 tbsp of turmeric (perfect for soothing tummy trouble)
4- A little stub of grated ginger
5- Half a cup of rice

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Boil everything as if you were just cooking the rice but add twice as much water needed. Serve hot but not too hot, until you feel 100%. Avoid adding black or red pepper, milk, cheese as these can re-ignite the belly beast!

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