Spring is here, and with the new season comes new gifts of all sorts and kinds. Today Best Kept MTL caught wind of a local artist doing things in the retro style of Sega Genesis. Game Genie Sokolov – the brainchild of Geoffroy Le Roux – released his first EP at the top of 2017.

While the music is simple, the end product remains polished and nostalgic. Pairing together electronic grooves with a classic video-game console, Game Genie Sokolov invites you on a sonic adventure of the not too distant past. Entirely composed using a Sega Genesis console, the low-fi electronic soundtrack is titled 背景音乐 01 – which means “background music” in Chinese.

Sega Genesis

Each track on 背景音乐 01 is a hypothetical soundtrack for imaginary Sega Genesis video-game levels…

…and draws inspiration from such diverse artists like Com Truise, Art of Noise, Teddy Riley, Digitalism, and Yuzo Koshiro. Taking vintage chipsets to their very limits, the Sega Genesis console used for the production was specifically chosen to transport the listener in between time periods where fresh beats meet classic sounds.

The 4-track EP is enticing for the younger generation that gets their kicks from all things retro. You kn0w the type – the ones who buy cassette tapes they now carry again in Urban Outfitters. Le Roux also delivers all the nostalgia and retro brilliance for us older kids who may have  grown up playing this console daily. Many game-geek friends of mine revel in hearing this composition in electronica, in today’s mainstream lots of these sounds are sampled and re-vamped into electronic pop gems.

Canadian and French, Geoffroy Le Roux combined his passion for developing computer tools and playing music to create his own musical world and instruments before beginning to record under the Game Genie Sokolov moniker. He put together custom-made equipment to play and record its debut release on a vintage video-game console.

Here at Best Kept MTL we are dedicated to bringing you the best kept secrets and talents in our fine city. The innovation of instrumentation hat Geoffroy Le Roux has delivered here is exactly what defines Montreal’s ingenuity.

Show some support to this local gem and check him out! Stream the EP on Spotify above, and grab yourself a digital copy!





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