Montréal en Lumière did a great job of showcasing diversity in music events at this year’s festival. All of the shows I saw were artists entirely unknown to myself. I’ve been so grateful t have had this opportunity thanks to another successful year of Montréal en Lumière. During the 2nd weekend of endless events, I went to out to catch a performance from Quebec’s own Gabriella.


Gabriella was such a treat to witness live. I did a little pre-show look up. I found her voice decent, the music to be quite thought out & the direction to be fresh while sounding entirely beautiful’. What I wasn’t entirely prepared for was just how captivating she’d be on stage.

First of all, this girl has a great singing voice. Not quite a powerhouse, but there’s a soft serenity behind her voice that sparkles. What always impresses me at a show is seeing an artist who is multi-talented when it comes to instruments. Gabriella thrives with her violin, but don’t ever count her out elsewhere. I got to see Gabriella move through violin, guitar, & keyboard with total ease. Showing just how deep the diversity of her musical talent goes.

L’Astral Theatre was a perfect choice of venue. Often at bigger venues I find the struggle of finding that sweet spot on the microphone levels to be a constant. Here at L’Astral, everything sounded just right. One of the highlight moments of the evening was when Gabriella abandoned her guitar mid-song to come down to the audience & serenade a couple with her violin & acapella vocals. Her voice resonated in the intimate venue, even without a microphone.

Gabriella was in the zone, it seemed. Both the band of 5 & herself shared an amazing group dynamic. One of three members to a string-trio on the set was quite impressive. Coming on stage after the few first opening songs, the intro received was adorably sweet. With Gabriella urging the audience to follow him on Instagram, the venue had a good chuckle.368400gabriellaofficielle3

A shout out to you, Zander Howard Scott. You were great to watch & I did follow you on Instagram. The reader’s here should too! He’s got some great clips of him performing around Montréal while studying at McGill.

Being at this show was a beautiful experience. For some reason, immediately after I had the urge to call  my mother, I wish she could had been there! With a fresh & contemporary take, Gabriella’s music somehow reminds me of what I grew up listening to with her. Though not at all intended, I thank you for that moment Gabriella.

Montréal en Lumiere is still happening! Check out their homepage for events going up to this Saturday, March 5th! Give Gabriella’s album The Story of Oak & Leafless a spin, you’ll be as happy as the people in this video below!