There is a new restaurant livening up René-Lévesque Boulevard, and the only outdoor terrasse! Le Frunchroom  was inspired by the prohibition period –the 1920’s and 30’s–when Montreal was known as the ‘Paris of North America’. In the 20’s, Frunchroom was slang for the front room used to welcome and entertain guests.

 Frunch is also slang for going out to lunch or dinner with friends –and thus our restaurant found its name:  it is, indeed, where friends come for relaxed and delicious dining.

Frunchroom has an international urban feel. City concrete is balanced by wooden tables and booths. Frunchroom will offer a terrasse in May bringing greenery to the grey strip between Mackay and Lucien L’Allier. So what did I eat? Let’s get to the good stuff:

My top 3 suggestions!
1-Aranci (croquettes) of Arborio, Mozzarella and a tangy tomato sauce – adorable display and hearty.
2-A Frunchfoom classic: The deep dish (Calzone and Chicago inspired) stuffed pizza. Meat lovers, cheat dieter and foodie heaven! It was so big in fact, I had to take the rest out!
3-Wonderful classic Italian Cappuccino in an actual transparent glass (yes I need to see the foam division or I simply cannot Instagram it check my cappuccino here

Thanks to my friend Veronica Redgrave from redgravepr, I discovered this downtown delight!  I suggest you go and enjoy the Frunchroom (awesome banquettes for a party, work [email protected], girl’s or guy’s night out..) BEFORE it gets too popular 😉