This Friday, Nov 24th, 2017

The FrontRite 5000 Member Party presented in collaboration with
Husa Sounds – NBNF
Monkey BuzinezZ
Audio Bucket

We have the Second annual TRUST your promoter event happening this Friday, NOV 24th,  Front Rite, an online based community, paying respects to the 5000 music loving members in Montreal.
Pleasurekraft (Drumcode) has been booked as one of the headliners, so you can imagine how proper this event will be. 8 hours of techno, and progressive house in a dark, brick WAREHOUSE; two stages, two vibes and a tight-knit community of trusting happy strangers who quickly become friends. The hugs and head nods shared around the dancefloor will be evidence to prove why people travel far and wide to party with the people from Montreal.

With a decent chunk of tickets sold even before ANY information was released, we can confidently say that Montreal trusts their peers and we are all in for a dark and dreamy night.

Crazy parties for music lovers, by music lovers, this is the main theme here. Everyone working on this event is utterly passionate about it and it shows.



Dark and dirty beats, beautiful melodies, sounds that make your hairs stand up and take you to another dimension when you close your eyes. This duo has mastered their cosmic Techno sound and will be showcasing their talents just for us.

The vibes at these events are so intense you can see the crowd pulse pure love!!

With respect to the Montreal music scene, this event has also dedicated this event to our local talents such as Atroxx. Him among 5 other local emerging artists, Trust has taken their platform and deliberately showcases our own “Made in Montreal” talent.

Let’s be real, the seasons are changing, the days are shorter, the nights are colder we choose our nights out wisely. We know here in Montreal, there are so many events to choose from we need to be vigilant. What makes this easier is knowing that there are dedicated organizers and promoters doing this for us. FrontRite starting as a tightly knit online community fueled by a passion for electronic dance music has grown to be an underground event promoter. We trusted, and they provided.

Buy your tickets [HERE]

See you on the dancefloor you rhythmic beauties.