Hey Montréal! It’s time to get your Fringe on!

2016 has been flying by, and the first day of summer is right around the corner. Festival season has struck the city with a major hit! Arguably the most eclectic array of performance begun this week, and will continue to treat the 514 to a delicious line-up of events til June 19.

Of course we’re talking about Montréal Fringe Festival 2016. Universally known for showcasing some of the finest talents in our city, as well as outstanding international acts, Fringe Montréal will deliver a little something for everyone’s taste.

One thing Montréal does so well is the festival, and Fringe is no exception. The trick is to familiarize yourself with the happenings around town and plan accordingly.

For this, BandMark has got you covered! Here’s a few picks for the current week of Fringe Festival delights. Follow the links for full show schedules and tickets!

Honesty-Rents-by-the-HourHONESTY RENTS BY THE HOUR

Presented by Giant Productions – New York, NY

“What do you get when a Quebecoise woman, a 22 year old grad student, and an Orthodox Jewish man show up to a motel room for an anonymous rendezvous? Honesty is a play that asks the audience member to peel off some layers and look into their true Self.”

 Starts June 2 @ Rialto Studio – $10

Presented by Caravonica -Montréal, QC

“A one-clown-show which will take you on a journey through pantomime and a variety of instruments. Sharing his insights and experiences gained while traveling, working and performing around the world, you’ll bounce from construction catastrophe to indian baba cool and be hypnotised by his hilariously expressive face!”

Starts June 3 @ The Wiggle Room – $12

Bedrock-Burlesque-A-Flintstones-Burlesque-ParodyBEDROCK BURLESQUE – A Flinstone’s Burlesque Parody

Presented by Sitcom Burlesque -Montréal, QC

“Sitcom Burlesque takes you back ALL THE WAY! We all know and love Bedrock but what happens when the lights go out? Join all your favourite characters for a night of misadventure, music, dance and, of course, Burlesque. It’ll have you shouting YABBA DABBA BOOOOBS!!!”

Bedrock Burlesque will follow Caravonica for the duration of the festival.

Starts June 3 @ The Wiggle Room – $12

Mannequin-Romance-Mysteries-Presents-The-Lady-and-the-LegMANNEQUIN ROMANCE MYSTERIES PRESENTS: THE LADY AND THE LEG 

Presented by Bashful Productions -Montréal, QC

“Cordelia Weatherbee is in love with a mannequin. Her husband, Carson Weatherbee, is dead. Someone at the party is to blame and Cordelia knows everyone’s secrets. Welcome to Oakside Manor, where money is no object, love has no boundaries, and you might be a murderer. This party’s just getting started!”

 Starts June 4 @ Eva B – $12

Presented by Project-X -Montréal, QC

“Multiple performers will explore and share their own real life experiences on the theme of “silent struggle” and “mental health”, through a variety of performance mediums.”

Starts June 4 @ Studio Bliss – $12

There you have it. A few picks for the first week of Fringe Montréal . Stick with us as we publish new picks for the week each Wednesday.
All show descriptions and photos taken from Montréal Fringe.